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Ash – Ichiban (Single Review)

Posted in IRISH NOISE!, Music, Single Review with tags , , , , , , , , , on January 4, 2010 by Tickets There

Happy New Year (once again) all. Now that Tickets There has returned and laid the ground work, the lads over in Ash feel comfortable enough to release the `seventh single of their A – Z series, Ichiban. Of course the pressures and strains of releasing a new single and video every two weeks would be much, much worse on them if Tickets There wasn’t here fighting on the frontiers, getting the words warm and typing randomly without any planning or heed for what we’re saying.

This one will catch you of guard a little. It starts with the grandest intro yet. I’m afraid my knowledge of classical music isn’t something to boast about so I won’t pretend to know if this is something I’ve heard a million times before during Sky Sports soccer coverage or if’s it’s an original composition written by the band that just sounds familiar. Anyways, enough about the intro, it’s brilliant.

After thirty seconds of grandness, magnificence, mandolins, drums and the hopes of a thousand nations, the songs does a complete U-turn and swaps the strings for a choppy rhythm riff and a style that sounds like Ash competing with modern indie groups. Obviously today’s style is rubbing of a little on the Co. Down boys but not so much that they don’t retain their own unique sound and freshness. Rather than full on heaviness, re-hashed grunge efforts or disco beats, Ichiban is wall to wall punk and classic rock!

Many of the singles in this release have sounded very serious, very far reaching but Ichiban is alot more relaxed and there isn’t one bell to be heard. It’s simple, it’s classic and its jam packed with fast guitars, heavy solo’s, harmonies and classic rock n roll swagger worthy of Jagger himself.

Tickets There has listened a few times and we’re more than happy to give it nine thumbs up. It’s far more interesting and addictive than Pripyat and definitely on par with the next single, Space Shot, which Tickets There was full sure would be the best we’d be hearing from the lads for a month or so. Everything’s coming up Millhouse and TT doesn’t want to waste any more Simpson references this early in the year. Go to ASH-OFFICIAL.COM and hear it for yourself. You’ll love it, trust us.


Ash – The Dead Disciples (Single Review)

Posted in IRISH NOISE!, Music, Single Review with tags , , , , , , , on December 7, 2009 by Tickets There

God, I can’t believe how quickly these fortnights are going by. It seems like only yesterday Tracers came out and all of a sudden we’ve got another one! The fifth single of Ash’s A – Z series, The Dead Disciples is now available and it’s definitely worth making the trip to ASH-OFFICIAL.COM to hear it.

Opening with a nice gritty guitar, the song bursts forth with a tight mixture of electro-rock styled guitars grinding out some sweet ‘in your face whiteboy’ riffs. The song is one of those heavier, grunge styled Ash moments. The verse is stripped back with a tasty dirty bass line and some naughty little pulls from the guitar and Tim’s punk rock style vocals. Unfortunately the chorus, while still catchy and belting, is a bit over harmonized for the verse which stops it from competing with past grunge glories like A Life Less Ordinary and Innocent Smile, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the catchiest singles of the series.

Overall all it’s another winner. Tickets There can say happily that we prefer it to Tracers and would currently rank it second overall behind Arcadia. Now, that’s enough from me, go check it out and see what you think. Until next time, (F), have a pleasant two weeks.