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Posted in Music, MySpace Review with tags , , , , , on August 15, 2009 by Tickets There


Finally, the moment I’ve been waiting for, Class of 1984 have added some tracks to their MySpace. I remember hearing a few before and they weren’t bad, weren’t bad at all so without the usual never ending string of bullshit, you know the ‘oh god it’s so late’ or ‘Tickets There is happy today’. Who cares if Tickets There is happy, who cares if he’s jacking off, just shut the fuck up about the grammar and spelling mistakes, the tired old style of writing and your loathing for all things Fight Like Apes and get the fuck on with it. Ehm…well excuse me, but my die-hard fans (mum) happen to like all that so back off!!

Haven’t heard EP or seen. You know the drill.

Yes! Lights Out is first and a nice heavy guitar riff gets things going. Vocals are fairly high pitched (not Muse or Cheech and Chong high, but good). Things are a little slow when nothing really changes after a minute and 30 seconds but then the drums kick in a little more to liven things up. This sounds like a nice album opener but wont look as promising unless (oh, badly out of tune sounding solo burst, yikes) if they cant follow with something alot better. All eyes fall on second track Honey to pick the initial enthusiasm back up. Well it’s better, not too fast but the mildish heavy. Think of the Strokes meets the Stooges and it’s nothing like that. Ah honestly it’s not that exciting but I know they have better in tem. The chorus is fairly catchy and the riff is a good beating type of one. Still though, interest isn’t being held.

Now, third track X It Out sounds like a piece of music on a mission of Leon proportions. A good riff with alot more character than any of the others out together. Good catchy chorus that sounds like an eighties classic covered by a punk band. Nit bad, certainly top of the list so far. Forth and final track Big Time is alot more composed. There’s more melody and the singer vocals stand out much better here tan any where else. Good stompy kind of beat to it, nice. This is one of those tracks I actually sat back and listened to and it’s damn fine, very very good. Long but holds it’s strength all the way through which is more than you can say for most of the acts out there.

Overall not bad. The last two songs are te strongest te band have posted but I remember hearing much better ones before. Ah well, just means I may have to go out and buy an album. That’ll make a nice change.

Check Out their MySpace HERE