OK, we’re at number four of the five reviews in one day countdown. Now, this next bunch of lads are from Wicklow which breaks today’s trend of Dublin acts which is nice. Hopefully you haven’t felt too inundated today with all the non stop blogging and have the patience to stick it out for another few. Who knows, I may keep doing them until I collapse with exhaustion at eight o’clock tomorrow morning. Before I use up all my intros for the day, let’s get to business and check out Bocs Social.

I’ve never seen the band live or heard their Album (if they have one)

Starting things off is the very badly named, Toasted Luv Sandwich. I’m sorry to say, this would not be top of the list of today’s tracks. Vocals are a little weak and the overall, the track doesn’t pack much of a punch. It’s quite hard to imagine anyone running about taking about how great this is but it could just be the production. Took a wee break there to see if there was anything deeper I was missing but it’s just too wishy/washy for Tickets There’s taste. Bland indie in on the way out so lets not start endorsing it now. Second track, Whoa has a much liver starts and comes across like a Madness number….and this continues as the song progresses. I should point out that Tickets There is not a reggae or Ska fan. I don’t there’s a genre I can’t stand more and this was even highlighted to Sinead O’Connor. In my defence I was set up. I was sitting with my back to her in one of my locals in Dun Laoghaire and one of the lads who knows my hatred of all things Reggae brought the subject up and watched with great amusement while I rated on and on about how crap I think reggae music is, (For those who don’t get the Sinead O’Connor element of the story, she had just released an all reggae album). Anyways, annoying song, thank god the next has started.  

24 Hours (oops, skipped one, will back track afterwards) drops the ska style and goes for a kind of Beta Band feel. My favourite of the bunch so far and it’s nice to hear one of those sixties style organs in the background. Vocals are also alot better with some good harmonies in the chorus. Always nice when a band manages to surprise me half way through a review. Right, back tracking to You Said It All (which isn’t working at the moment.…give me a sec….ok, waited long enough, will try again at the end. Fucking internet!). Aggressive Broccoli (god lads, what’s with the names eh? (Oh, and you’re one to talk TICKETS THERE? – Ed.). Again with the fecking Ska guitars. Don’t want to be too negative today and also, I think I’ve typed the words reggae and ska enough in this review so I will say that the chorus isn’t too bad. There’s a nice drive …until the verse comes back. Not too bad for a ska track but not my thing, not my thing at all. Maybe they’ll say the same about my review.

Unfortunately You Said It All doesn’t want to work for me today which is a little annoying because I was hoping it would..Oh, and it’s just kicked in. Right, no sign’s of Madness or Sinead O’Connor. We’re safe, let’s move in for a listen. You Said It All turns out to be a quieter number. Nice enough guitar picking, little summary. Not a fan of the singing, it sounds a little soulless and light and there’s too much of it. Slow moving and the fact that it’s the last one of the review doesn’t stand in it’s favour.

Would I recommend them? No, honestly there isn’t much substance here. What’s that you said, you’ve read that several times before in my reviews? Well, it’s true. Why have the Lidl brand when you can get M&S for the same price.



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  2. “Again with the fecking Ska guitars” ???? why write such a negative bizarre review when you hate ska/reggae and bocs social are primarily a ska/reggae band. DUH. check them out lately. they are movin up .. sat nights in PRAVDA and many other venues. watch this space for bocs social.
    oh and song names? what’s in a name when it comes to music! a bit hung up about the name game?
    don’t try too hard!
    check out the phantom fm review on their site!

    • We reviewed this band because they asked us to….Duh your fucking self!

      I haven’t checked them recently but you’ll also notice that the review hasn’t been updated recently. If a band gets better and writes better songs, past reviews don’t suddenly change.

      If we don’t like a band we’ll say it. Obviously, if you don’t like a review you’ll comment. Same fucking thing so get of your high fucking horse. Plenty of positive stuff on this site but some folk only seem to be able to find and comment the bad ones.

      Also, I couldn’t give a bollocks what Phantom FM says about them. This isn’t Phantom FM DUH! (now fuck off)!!

  3. wow i wasnt expecting such an aggressive tone. very professional!

    • If you visit our blog and say ‘DUH’ in a comment to us, that’s the tone you’ll get!

      (Quick apology to the band for the tone, no offense intended. Bocs Social were pretty cool about this review so they’re ok in my book. They know as well as we do music writing is fluff. At the end of the day it’s only the bands and the fans that count, fuck the critics!!

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