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ROAD RECORDS: Farewell Party Tomorrow Night!

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Road Records may be gone but you didn’t think they’d leave without one final shindig did you? Tomorrow night, the Button factory opens up for a gig that looks better by the minute (off course it had to be held when Tickets There is away at our first festival in 5/6 years and off course it has to include two of our favorite Irish bands of all time!).

Leading proceedings will be Dublin’s much loved, The Redneck Manifesto. The instrumental band will tear the place apart if there’s anything left after legendary post punk, garage rock thrashers Female Hercules reform to kick some serious record buying public ass!

Also set to perform are Legion of Two, Patrick Kelleher and His Cold Dead Hands, Cian Nugent and Road Records gurus Dave & Julie may even take to stage to belt out a few classic tunes to finish things off in proper Road fashion.

If you’re in town and you regret (like us) not getting a chance to pop in before the shutters were officially closed, then head along and show you’re gratitude for their years of excellent service and craic. Tickets are a measly €16 so no excuses! (Rednecks and Female Hercules for god’s sake!!!)

Tickets There would like to wish Dave and Julie the best of luck tomorrow night; I hope ye have a blast!

More detials below and @ Road Records Blogspot

U:mack present
Road Records Farewell Party

The Redneck Manifesto
Female Hercules
Legion Of Two
Patrick Kelleher and his Cold Dead Hands
Cian Nugent
& Road Records DJ’s
The Button Factory
Friday Sept. 10 2010
Doors 8pm till late
Tickets €16 From City Discs, Sound Cellar & online at


Tickets there – Irish Playlist: Friday, September 25th

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Maybe try and start this as a new feature, a weekly playlist of irish tracks Tickets There is currently listening to.

  1. AshUncle Pat

We all know Ash. Most of us love Ash. They just seem to get better and better with time but this week it’s Uncle Pat Time. What a fecking classic riff. Tim’s voice is one of those you either love or hate and Tickets There loves it. The guitars are so strong, the voice is so light and it works.

  1. 2.       Future Kings of SpainYou Dream In Solid Gold

Mourning the loss of Tickets There’s prime choice for Irelands leading underground band, The Future Kings of Spain with the excellent You Dream in Solid Gold. Just one of many amazing tracks for their second album Nervousystem which I still advise everyone to go out and buy. Teach you what you’re missing when you ignore Irish acts.

  1. Future Kings of SpainDisappear

I know it’s not ‘cool’ to have the same band appear twice on the same list but |I| couldn’t care less, this is what Tickets There is listening to. Maybe I should explain something, when we find good music, we listen to it. We know there’s a lot of music out there and a lot of people are in a panic to hear absolutely every single note ever played but TT doesn’t go in for that. We don’t like jumping from one band to another every forty seconds. Instead, we find bands of quality, substance and talent and stick with them until they lose it.

Future Kings Disappear is a fantastic song. Atmospheric and classic. Great choice for anyone in mourning.

  1. Bell X1 – Snakes & Snakes

Was doing a review of the Bellies Music in Mouth album earlier and I’ve had this song on repeat ever since. Great track, always nice to revisit this classic album.

  1. Jaded SunHigher

This band caught me by surprise. I can’t believe how good they are and they only improve with age. Honestly I have their MySpace page open 24 hours a day listening to them. Cant wait to pick this album up tomorrow.

  1. One Day InternationalLittle Death

Did a review of this track several months ago and I still enjoy it, great wee song. Haven’t been tempted to see them live yet as I like a little more meat in my music for a gig but maybe one day.

  1. The FlawsOut Tonight

Not normally a fan of this type of music but I think the Flaws do a fairly decent job with this track. II suppose this would be considered an old one at this stage but Tickets There is in no way cutting edge I’m afraid.

  1. Female Hercules – Inside You

I’m pretty sure that every single time I try and write a ‘What I’m listening to now’ blog, I include this song every single time. Well worth a go if you haven’t heard them before. For fans of hardcore J

  1. HumaziStraight Lines

Come on lads, get the bloody album out!

  1. Neosupervital – Now That I’ve Found

One of the best dance / pop songs ever written by an irish act and a great tune to set you in a good mood. Expect many a blog today about the simple joys of listening to Neosupervital.

The Stars are Underground – Complete Film

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Thirteen years ago, Dublin director Daragh McCarthy made a low budget, 24 minute film about the underground music scene in the capital at that time. The film shows some terrific acts that have sadly disappeared but it remains a testament to the hard work, time and effort these bands, and others like them put in.


Check out the films official MySpace page for more details on where you can find a DVD copy of the film –