Check Out: SOnance HOtel

For the last couple of weeks Tickets There has been enjoying a new find, SOnance Hotel. Formed and driven by X-Humanzi sticks man, Brian Gallagher; Sonance Hotel have been writing and recording for over two years and are now ready to release their début album Don’t Look Behind You on July 15th.

Describing the music, you’d have to take influences from urban post rock and brit pop before adding that special something all great song writers throw into the mix to call it their own. As well as arranging and composing the entire album himself, Brian has also performed every instrument and produced the record in the true D.I.Y. spirit all young musicians crave in this day and age.

The Mighty Stef’s label (First Born Is Dead Recordings) are releasing the record and you can catch SOnance Hotel live in Twisted Pepper on the 15th at the album’s launch night. Check out their Facebook for more details. Watch this space for more about SOnance Hotel.


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