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MySpace Review – The Bonnevilles

Posted in IRISH NOISE!, Music, MySpace Review on November 4, 2010 by Tickets There

Ah thank sweet lord Mary, a band who isn’t boring us to depression wrenched tears. God, sorry for the total lack of updates from yours truly (and Anto) recently, the drought was shocking. Not one bit of motivation after the announcement that Humanzi and another of our favorite bands have probably packed in the game for good. Not too worry tears won’t be wasted on this filth (well, not here. We sob like babies at night…babies!). Instead of wallowing in torturous misery we’ll continue our quest to find good music and spread the word to the people. Today we’re delighted to say we got one, The Bonnevilles.

Never seen em, don’t have their album….but we’ll probably have to pick it up now.

Ah what does Tickets There want from life? That’s right! We want two stripper girlfriends, a lot of drink and some good dirty music to accompany. The Bonnevilles have delivered one of the three and this makes us smile. Mixing their styles between a little rock, post punk, garage rock and even a little bit of country, the band has a strong, authentic sound. Good Suits and Fightin’ Boots is a dirty little stoner rock number with a nice greasy blues guitar ridding through. No Law in Lurgan & Murderers Song confuses us. If it’s one song, it’s savage, if it’s two, it’s still brilliant! You’ve

No major need to go into details of all the songs, they’re all rockin’. Hard to imagine this band not having a real cut-throat vibe and presence on stage. The desperado overtones of God Might Love Me really gets this across so Tickets There will be making a serious effort to catch their next Dublin show. There’s a few different styles thrown in on their songs with a great down toned density to the recordings. Just great but then again, how are you not going to like a band that lists it’s top three influences as Howlin’ Wolf, Motorhead and Wine ?

Check out their MySpace by Clicking Here.


IRISH NOISE! My Evil Ex (MySpace Review)

Posted in IRISH NOISE!, Music, MySpace Review with tags , , , , , , on September 26, 2010 by Tickets There

Breaking the current hair metal obsessions for a few minutes, Tickets There decided it was time to review the band that’s been keeping our Irish feet firmly rooted all week. Hailing from the rebel county, My Evil Ex are easily one of the best new bands we’ve found this year. We saw them at Temple House Music Festival in Sligo and now it’s time for our reader (readers on Tuesdays) to hear exactly how good they are…without actually hearing the music, you need to visit their MySpace for that…but read the review first, we need to raise €80,000 or the mob are taking our thumbs.

Only three songs! always disappointing when a great band only has a small handful of tracks to choose from. Guess it means we’ll actually have to get of our arses and pick up their album later on. For now, (Just A Little) Drop of Poison will make do. A lovely mix of bluegrass blues, stompy drums and catchy as hell vocals. Love it! These guys have been on our rotation all week and every listen just brings them closer and closer to our hearts.

Drunk on the Thought of You is similar in ways to Drop of Poison, but the guitar comes to the surface a lot more and the heavy bass is very welcome. Again it’s a sing along number with lots of quirky little moments and a nice soulful flow to the whole track. Short, sweet and the perfect middle ground before the next song turns their entire sound upside down.

Flavuor (title could easily be confused with ‘I’m Not Your Fucking Friend) is a blistering, heavy thumper. Forget the bluegrass, the blues and the soul. This is angry hardcore punk rock. Is it even the same singer? We’re not sure but we’re excited. Ironically, because of this song alone Tickets There wants to be friends with My Evil Ex, but they’re having none of it according to this tune. Brilliant!

Love them, buying the album and checking them out live as soon as we can. My Evil Ex are definitely a name to remember and a band to love! Check out their MySpace by Clicking Here.

IRISH NOISE! The Paddy Usher Band (MySpace Review)

Posted in IRISH NOISE!, Music, MySpace Review with tags , , , , , on September 21, 2010 by Tickets There

Tickets There are playing catch up today. With September being full of Guns N’ Roses, shows, a festival and a wedding, we haven’t had a whole pile of time for writing. We’re doing our best to flesh out the site a little but overwhelming tiredness, depression educing lack of funds and an eagerness to do nothing but rock out and drink this month is delaying things a little. (There’s Hope!) The addictive charms of The Danger Is brought us back to reviewing and the rock out talent of this next band may just be enough to keep us sober, awake and a little better off.

Witnessing The Paddy Usher Band’s performance at the recent Temple House Music Festival, Tickets There decided this was another band in need of our much coveted, sought after attention (a-hem..coughs). Their MySpace kicks off with the very catchy, very main stream rock out melter Hot Tub Safari. A tad bloated in places and not able to keep all of its six minutes edge of seat gripping but it’s still a great number. There’s some classic rock in there, some Foo Fighters and several radio friendly key points. If they stripped this one back by about 2 minutes then we’re good to go.

You Are So Much Better Off is a real modern version of the Aerosmith country/rock song. It fills it’s time better than Hot Tub Safari and has a good beat driving it home. Aside from a slight lag towards the end, this track is a nifty little number and again more than radio friendly.

The Whole World Can See is a little too ballady for our tastes. There’s some good meat on the bones in places but the bottom really drops out of the chorus, Pity as well, the verse and bridges are probably the loudest thing on the whole player.

Live, there’s alot more to offer and it may be time to update the MySpace player. At the same time, there’s more than enough here to convince you these guys have something real going on. They’re talented, they sound great on record but the songs here just lack that magical touch by a ruthless producer.

Check out their MySpace by Clicking Here

IRISH NOISE! The Danger Is – All For Gold (MySpace Review)

Posted in IRISH NOISE!, Music, MySpace Review with tags , , , , on September 21, 2010 by Tickets There

Finding info on The Danger Is, is one of the toughest things we’ve had to do here at Tickets There. But after an amazing show from the lovely Niamh Danger and her band at last week’s Temple House Music Festival, we just had to write something about them.  There’s only one song on their MySpace at the moment but fortunately it’s a little Gem.

All For Gold is a beauty of a song. Fast, energetic, friendly, warm and completely irresistible. Niamh’s voice oozes with soothing character and talent, all nicely wrapped in a very well written basket of heaviness, calm and slight hints of fifties ballad pop. There’s several different landing spots in the songs structure which make the song fill out it’s time extremely well. If we write any more we’ll end waffling.

Excellent song and a band that is shooting higher and higher up the Tickets There Likes list. Check them out for yourself by Clicking Here (The Danger Is MySpace), come back and pat us on the back for giving you a lovely treat today*

* Unless by some small chance you find things for yourself on the internet and heard this song and the band 1,500 times before. Seen them so many times you can play their set on guitar without ever having a lesson and you’re almost engaged to Niamh herself. Then there’s no need to pat us…ah well.

The Danger Is Play The Workman’s Club with Oliver Cole on October 23rd.

MySpace Review – ChimpanBee

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Well, after a week like that, we think it’s time for a proper break from the most controversial band in Ireland. Getting engrossed in one international group can often lead to negligence of the main goal, which for Tickets There is always the promotion and endorsement of Irish bands. What makes that goal a lot easier is finding an Irish band like Chimpanbee who zap you in with just one song and give you that spark to open word and knuckle down with some good tuneage.

As usual, we’ve never seen the band live or heard their album

For the last half hour, we’ve been thoroughly enjoying The Pressures of Free Money, the first track on the bands MySpace player. This is a real radio friendly number that’s both memorable and ear pleasing. Not a song you’d write volumes about but certainly one that would appeal to the day time DJ masses, without getting on your nerves. Hasn’t for us after multiple listens anyway.

60’s Man is rougher, harder and just as catchy. The vocals have more grit; the instruments are more blunt and dense, giving the song a lot more force. Still safe in structure (meaning it’s written to catch on rather than make a statement), but more appealing to those of us with a rock bone or two.

She Done Too Much follows suit with a similar style to 60’s Man. Not as gritty but still retaining that hard edged, tension building style. The vocals go a tad raw in places rather than delivering the force that would make this more of a stand out but keep in mind, these guys formed in February so expect re-recording’s in the future For now this version will do just fine.

We’ve had the poppy number, then the rock numbers and now it’s time for the true indie appealing one. No Lies sounds like a mix of Coldplay and Blur. Not the most exciting sound in the world and not as high on our list of favs as the previous three tracks but still a decent track. A few listens make more appealing (especially the last minute or two of the track, good way to finish) so we’ll see how things pan out in the future.

Advice – go listen, give them your support. They have an appealing sound and they obviously know what they’re doing. Check out their MySpace by Clicking Here.

IRISH NOISE! – The Funeral Suits (MySpace)

Posted in IRISH NOISE!, Music, MySpace Review with tags , , , on August 29, 2010 by Tickets There

Unfortunately, The Funeral Suits are exempt from the MySpace Review series because we’ve seen them before. Seen them, been bored to tears from what we remember and never went back..until now (oh spicy, where’s this going you ask).

Since we’re going through the Hard Working Class Heroes 2010 lineup, we saw the lads and decided to have another go, just to see what it was we originally didn’t like about them and we’re still scratching our heads. Not being massive fans of modern Irish Indie (aside from Ash, fuck yeah!), it takes a lot to get us interested but here we are, several days later still going back for more.

Opening song Florida draws heavily on current indie heavyweights, Arcade Fire but the band fuse their own mesh of sounds and oddities in to make the song a little more compelling, diverse and unique. Not adhering to any strict song structure, they jump around quite a lot in a short space of time without losing the overall flow. Could warm up to this.

Black Lemonade is a funkier affair with a good chunky bass lead and a booming vocal/drum driven grandness. It’s short, catchy and a mix of pretty perfect pop with roots in ‘real music’, pretty much everything an indie song should be. Would it stand the test of time and a larger audience? Well, in our opinion it would certainly hold it’s own on any stage going and compared to a lot of bands out there, this one has something special to offer.

Next up is a demo for Color Fader and its very sparse, very atmospheric and quite enjoyable, The drums add a real back bone for the first half before the song turns into a repetitive free for all. Very good and achieves what it sets out to do. Stars are Spaceships is the next demo and this time it’s guitars to the front, drums on standby and tension to the ready. Loopy lead jumps in, overshadowing the slightly reaching vocals before things pan out well with the re-introduction of backline guitars. A little less point to this one and in places it drags out but it’s got a good direction and in all fairness, it’s a demo – not a finished product. Watch this space for the re-review of the final version.

Acid Happy brings us to the end (since Tickets There doesn’t review remixes) and again we hear that slight Arcade Fire style jump in. There are other influences but there’s no need to go too in-depth as the band have done a pretty commendable job keeping things sounding like The Funeral Suits more than anyone else. This track is the closest to a replica and could have been picked off Funeral. Not bad, just not as appealing to us as the previous songs.

Well, despite a slightly damper note on the last one, The Funeral Suits are definitely a band we see our selves coming around to more and more over the next few months. The lads have been on the go for a few years and by the sounds of it, they’re past the ‘what do we do now’ stage of an indie band when the cloths and image are in place. We advise a visit to their MySpace a few spins of the player, great stuff!

Visit their MySpace by Clicking Here

My Space Review – Enemies

Posted in IRISH NOISE!, Music, MySpace Review with tags , , , , , on August 26, 2010 by Tickets There

Hard Working Class Heroes 2010 is beginning to pay off! Tickets There has been trawling through the line-up, searching for any hidden gems and here we go, straight to number one we’ve found a band that combines The Redneck Manifesto with Adebisi Shank and gives you solid, well delivered instrumental tunes galore. Enemies have been around for over three years so we’re pretty sure we’re not exactly introducing them to the world, but as ye all know a mention on Tickets There guarantees bands at least a 4,500% increase in record sales! *

*(Not legally binding – Tickets There Incorporated PLC .net Octagon specialists in the field of terminal technology and severed biscuits offers no such guarantee that albums sales will increase as a result of this review. All references to such an offer or purely based on the writers own poor attempts at humor with an objective to pass themselves off as witty and make our reader (readers on Saturday) chuckle for no less than 0.3 seconds)

We’ve never seen them live or heard their album(s).

Without going into each songs merits (of which there’s many), lowlights (of which there’s few/none) and nitty gritty’s lets us just say that Enemies are one of the most engaging, exciting, powerful produced and well arranged instrumental bands we’ve ever heard, They mix tropical hop alongs (Trademark name for all that finger tapping, Fender styled lead parts ya hear) with full on, break the strings, neck and shatter the body riffage. We’ve Been Talking is such a gem of a track you just can’t put it down. Up’s downs, Armageddon and plenty of Tropical hop alongs!

Bits of Parrots starts off with a very mellow vide. Nice, lounge atmosphere, swaying guitars and ever so slight THAL’s that intertwine with a very ‘on the edge drumming style’. The band want to get baked on Acid, the drummer wants to explode out. Don’t believe the relaxation though, as the song unfolds things return to overdriven pile drive riffs and guitar supremacy – Love it!

Two Lads, the final song on their MySpace page (*weeps) is where things really come together. Seven Minutes of musical perfection, captivating changes, pleasant moments of calm and feedback introduced minutes of carnage. It’s complex, layered and constantly evolving, meaning the minutes fly by and you end up clicking repeat more times than you can count.

Excellent band and one we’ll have to see live. If you like instrumental rock/metal/indie – then these guys are for you.

Enemies MySpace