MySpace Review – The Fallen Drakes

Still continuing with our revival, it’s time to pull out the classic TT MySpace Review series and dust off the clichés. We have a band, they ain’t half bad and we’re gonna write about them.

Normally we don’t go near acts with just demos posted to their MySpace but we decided that due to their talent, the quality of the demos and a complete lack of other options, we’d press ahead and give up and coming Dubliners, The Fallen Drakes the MySpace Review treatment.  

As usual, we’ve never seen them live and they don’t have anything out.

Sex Sell’s is the song that really sold us. It’s kind of like mischievous funk. Buckling bass lines, slicked back drumming and nifty, catchy guitar riff. Not a bad way for any band to start.

By Law comes up next and any fans of Wilt are going to love this one. Very solid, basic guitars, Brian’s pounced Irish vocals and big, sounding chorus. Lyrics are about staking some girl and getting revenge on her for a restraining order. Hmm, autobiographical? We hope so, will make better reading than the un-fantastic exploits of Pete Doherty.

The Story With Girls is last and it follows a pretty similar formula to the previous two. Chorus is probably the best of the lot and it’s enjoyable. We’ll leave it there as these are just demo’s so let’s save it till the final versions come out. Overall – promising for a new band, let’s hope they keep it up!

Check out The Fallen Drakes MySpace by Clicking Here.


2 Responses to “MySpace Review – The Fallen Drakes”

  1. Great live band, really enjoyed them supporting Knights of Leon a few weeks back. Check out their official site @ for upcoming events and free downloads

  2. The lads just signed with the AMA Music Agency who looks after the delorentos, the coronas, paddy casey and many more top irish acts and they are exciting a lot of agents in the UK so hopefully more news to follow!! Check out their free EP on their website and the EP launch at The Twisted Pepper in Dublin on Feb 25th!

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