IRISH NOISE! Warpath (MySpace Review)

We’ve been to all sorts of gigs over the years but we’d never been to a real death metal concert. That all changed on Thursday when we caught Polish metallers Vader in Whelan’s. We have a few Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel and Celtic Frost albums in the collection but we’d never had any real interest in the genre. Death Metal always struck us as a comical genre to be enjoyed with a grin. In all fairness, the gig didn’t change our opinions but out of all the shows we’ve gone to without knowing the band in advance, this will stick out.

On stage, Vader are an incredible force. The band deliver their songs with the same dull downed perfectionism you hear on the albums. You see bands all the time that deliver tight performances but Vader perform like an elite military unit. Each one perfectly in sync with each other, the music and the crowd.  There’s no slips, no flaws and the sher assaulting quality of the music just overpowers you and takes control.

Hard not to get sucked in by that!

So, with our opinions on Death Metal changing, we thought we’d check out one of that nights Irish support acts, Warpath. Unfortunately, Tickets There arrived fashionably (accidentally) late and missed all but Vader. Still though, a McKenna’s Guinness is hard thing to ignore.

In short, Warpath are pretty good. We still don’t see the point in writing extensively about the drums, guitars are vocals when it comes to death metal (hence the Vader intro), but we’ll happily admit that they sound good at what they do. The vocals are deep, grinding and believable, the guitars are like machines and who ever has their finger on the double bass trigger does a mighty fine job. Gorefare is currently standing out the most and adding to the strain in our neck.

If you like Death Metal, check out Warpath’s MySpace. If you don’t, go see a gig and you might be turned around.


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