MySpace Review – Wounds

Want some dancy, downbeat Hardcore noise? Then Tickets There has just the thing. Dublin four piece Wounds were formed in late 2008 and they’re about the release their first EP, Dead Dead Fucking Dead, tomorrow (or March 29th depending on your source)! High time we gave the boys a review.

As usual, we haven’t seen them live or heard their record….and by all accounts, we’ve missed out big time.

Opening track, Choke is full on. Composed of dark, bleak imagery, a bouncy drum beat and a solid, steel current riff, the song is a depressing, dark room dance floor anthem. Perfect mood music if you’re entertaining thoughts of carrying out your very own murderous rampage. Hey, TT ain’t judging, everyone wants their own Wikipedia page. All seriousness, it’s a massive brain storming attack, best reserved for a dark, industrial styled club on a Friday night.

Second tune Tress, opens with an apocalypse styled riff before exploding into an attack of punk styled vocals, guitars and thundering drums. Things just keep getting heavier and heavier as the track goes on and the screaming vocals and belting bass just make it unavoidably likable. Not as bleak as Choke but just as extreme.

Ugly Mouth is possibly the heaviest of the lot! A solid, grinding riff ploughs you through the track with few delays. It trails off towards the end but after the intensity of the first couple of minutes, a break’s needed. Vectors closes things and surprisingly it’s not an acoustic ballad.  There’s not a whole pile more we can say. It’s written in the same form as the others except the chorus is much grander and intimidating. Very dark themes once again and a real doomsday feel to the song.

Brilliant. If you’re looking for an armed assault on all your senses then look no further. At The Drive In Meets Slayer, Joy Division meets a thirty ton war machine, hardcore meets aggression. Pop over to their MySpace now and give them a spin….or wait till you’re suitably depressed. Angry, bitter and frustrated with the universe around you by Clicking Here.


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