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ADLER Album Details Revealed

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You know, over the years this blog has given former Guns N’ Roses / Adler’s Appetite drummer, Steven Adler, a fair bit of stick. At the time, deservably so. Now things are different and it seems Steven is finally ready to move on from Appetite For Destruction and it’s sounding damn good. The first single from his new band (ADLER) was previewed to the world a few months back and if it’s any indication of things to come, we might actually have a real rock band to get excited about.

The album is titled ‘Back From The Dead’ and has been confirmed for release on November 26th via New Ocean Media. it features 11 tracks and guest apperances from Slash (Don’t think I need to list the references), John 5 (Marilyn Manson / Rob Zombie) and of course the band – frontman Jacob Bunton (LYNAM, MARS ELECTRIC), guitarist Lonny Paul (ADLER’S APPETITE), and bassist Johnny Martin (CHELSEA SMILES). Tracklists is below, expect to hear more from Tickets There about this one.

Back From The Dead – Tracklists

01. Back From The Dead
02. Own Worst Enemy
03. Another Version Of The Truth
04. The One That You Hated
05. Good To Be Bad (featuring John 5)
06. Just Don’t Ask (featuring Slash)
07. Blown Away
08. Waterfall
09. Habit
10. Your Diamonds
11. Dead Wrong

Exzeltic – Agent of Chaos (Music)

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Another one of the best new thrash bands to be found roaming the fair streets of our capital, EXZELTIC. Mass carnage, violent revolution, rampant anarchy and some balls to the wall solos. Every time I see them they get better and better and can be found in Fibber Magees on the 16th of this month headlining Metal Mania

Psykosis – Toxic Fugitive (Music)

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It’s never too early for metal and it’s never good to be a bitch. Enjoy some Psykosis and have a beer. These lads can be caught pretty much every weekend at The Pint. If it’s metal in Dublin, Psykosis will show up and rock the place.

The Aftermath’s ‘In Loneliness Lies Love’ Single – Coming to a Radio Near You!

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Longford/The GAR mod rockers The Aftermath are back with a new single, a new video and a revamped line-up as they prepare the build up towards their second album. This week’s sees their new single, In Loneliness Lies Love arriving at radio stations around the country so be sure to have a call in and request it.

The video can be found below, lets wish ‘em the best!

NEW MUSIC: Million $ Reload – Bullets in the Sky (Video)

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Yesterday we gave ye the awesome Trucker Diablo, today it’s another of Northern Ireland’s fine young crop of hard hitting, heavy rocking, word that rhymes with c**king bands. Million $ Reload become firm favourites of ours a couple of years back so they’re no strangers to praise from TT.

They’ve recently released the official video for their track Bullets In The Sky and we think you’ll like it. Hail The Gods of 4 season’s metal (take that Crunch promotions!). According to my sources across the border, M$R, Trucker Diablo and the awesome Swanee River (and more) will all be playing a show next weekend at the The Diamond Rock Club in Ahoghill on 4th Feb. If you live close by you’d be a bloody mornon to miss it. Enjoy the tune!

NEW MUSIC: The Walls ‘Stop The Lights’ & The Stunning’s 25th Anniversary

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It’s all go at the Wall household this year. First of all 2012 seems to be the year The Walls will finally release their third album, Stop The Lighst. This one’s been a long time coming but anyone’s that’s heard previous releases like Bird In A Cage, Phantom Power and Carrying The Fire will agree it’ll be worth it. To kick things off the band have released another single titled ‘Stop The Lights’ and it’s available from all good radio stations who will even take the time and effort to play it for you on the air if you’d be so good as to give them a call. More info on the album as and when we have it…or by TT traditions, 6 months after Goldenplec tell you. For now, have a listen to a live recording of Stop The Lighst below.

Also, it’s The Stunning’s 25th anniversary this year so expect news galore on the coming months. Rumour is there’s a tour in the works and even a new release but details remain to be seen. The official update from the band can be found below (there goes my ‘rumour story)

2012 is The Stunning’s 25th anniversary!

It’s hard to believe as we’ve hardly changed over the years and we play even better! But it is indeed 25 years since the band formed. Watch this space for some activity later this year. There’s talk of a new release (including a couple of new songs) and a tour. Stay in touch…..

Video: Zombie Cops “You Do”

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Dublin rockers Zombie Cops; one of Ireland’s finest live acts, have released a promotional video for their forthcoming third single “You Do” A twisted lament with splashes of Placebo and Jimmy Eat World. The video was made by Eoin Heaney of Highly Stimulating Productions and continues the eerie feel of previous single “Taking Lives”

Check out the link below for live dates and free music.

The Walls: Tour Kicks Off This Week (Video)

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The Walls are kicking off their summer tour this week at Co. Sligo’s Temple House Festival and Tickets There thought you might like a little preview of what to expect from both their two man live shows and the full band show slotted in for The Sea Sessions in Co. Donegal.

Below are few videos of the band’s new material which you can find on their new E.P.Bird In A Cage‘, and their forthcoming album, Stop The Lights. Enjoy!

and for old times sake, the classic Bone Deep,

Catch The Walls on Tour in 2011

JUNE: 2011
Friday 10th : Temple House Festival, Ballmote, Co. Sligo.
Thursday 16th: De Barras,, Clonakilty, Co. Cork.
Friday 17th : McCarthy’s, Dingle Co. Kerry.
Saturday 18th: Cork Midsummer Festival, Cork city.
Sunday 26th : Sea Sessions, Bundoran, Co.Donegal (Full Band Show).
Thursday 30th: Grand Social Lr. Liffey St. Dublin.

JULY: 2011
Friday 15th : Galway Arts Festival, Monroes Live.

The Quicksand Band: Making The Album Video

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One of Dublin’s finest alt-country/rock bands The Quicksand Band, have released a behind the scenes video-teaser of their forthcoming debut album “Approaching Rain”  Produced by acclaimed Irish singer/songwriter Gavin Glass and set for release later this year..The album sounds very promising from the brief snatches of songs contained in the video. Keep an eye out for “Approaching Rain” it could be the surprise package of the year.

Arctic Monkeys – Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair (Video)

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I was never much of a fan, but I really like this song!

LEMMY: The Movie

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If you haven’t seen it yet then Tickets There can only advise you to pick up a copy NOW! Before you ask, Lemmy Who? Lemmy ‘Fucking’ Kilmister that’s who!.

One of the best music films of all time based on it’s subject alone, Lemmy from Motörhead! Without a doubt the coolest man in Rock ‘N’ Roll and possibly the world. What’s the secret to Lemmy’s coolness? Well unlike the posers, the wannabe’s and the sissy bitches (Kings of Leon, Kings of Leon, Kings of Leon), Lemmy is a man true to himself and does / says / acts the way he wants without exception. The embodiment of rock n roll for 90 minutes in your very own home, the closest a lot of us will come to actually living the life style generations before us have spoken in awe of for so long. Long live Lemmy and long live Motörhead. Enjoy.

Whitesnake – Love Will Set You Free (Video)

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The glorious powers contained within David Coverdale’s soul reveal themselves with every new record. His majestic, almighty, all powerful yielding of the heart’s desires show that he is the man who knows love better than any cupid you can find. Along with David, are the merry Whitesnake and the boys have a new album, ‘Forevermore’ coming to the shops soon. Tickets There thought you might wish to hear some of the fruits of the bands labours and here it is, the first official single from Forevermore, Love Will Set You Free.

KISS WEDNESDAY – Rock ‘N’ Roll All Night \,,/

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Getting ready for work, the most depressing moment of the day and who better to cheer us all up than the mighty KISS. Enjoy folks!

The Walls Release New Video: Bird In A Cage

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YES!! The Walls have released a live recording of Bird In A Cage from their forthcoming album, Stop The Lights.

Tickets There has been waiting for this moment with bated breath, sweaty palms and excited trousers for nearly five months. It’s been stuck in our heads on solid rotation for the better part of four weeks and now that it’s out, we’ll be responsible for half the plays on YouTube until you good folks take the plunge, change the norm and invest your time in some high quality tunes from one of Ireland’s greatest bands.

So without further spewing from us, feast your eyes and ears on the High-Def, surround sound, pro-shot video for Bird In A Cage. When you’re done, keep your eyes peeled on Tickets There for more Walls news…..or, you could just go see them when they headline The Sugar Club on November 5th. Oh Yeah!

EXODUS: Look What’s Coming to Dublin Next Month!

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Dublin Metal Events are brining the pain next month as legendary bay area thrashers Exodus arrive to destroy The Village and Dublin!

Exodus + Man Must Die takes place on November 20th at The Village, Wexford Street. Tickets are a handy €22 in advance or €25 on the door. A small price to pay for this little beauty alone.

The Riptide Movement Hot Tramp (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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Up and coming rock Bois, The Riptide Movement have released the official video for their new single, Hot Tramp. Before you ask, no the girl from the singles cover doesn’t make a cameo (big sigh). Fear not, you’re still left with a tune that’ll smack the pants off ya.

BRIAN POSEHN – More Metal Than You

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You know that really annoying guy from Just Shoot Me (played the mailboy), Devils Rejects (played a roadie for a country band) and …other stuff we’re sure? Well it turns out he’s done something really kick ass. Check out one of his songs below. Tune is savage, video is savage and Tickets There sees the man in an all new light.

Beatallica (The Beatles Meet Metallica) – Hero of The Day Tripper

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This will brighten you up today and yes, they’re a real band 😀

Ash – Carnal Love Music Video

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Co. Down rockers Ash have released the video for their latest A-Z song, Carnal Love this week in advance of the songs office release this Sunday. Intresting video, we’re not sure if we love or hate it.

Def Leppard – 32 Years and Counting!

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Today, July 18th 2010 is the thirty second anniversary of Def Leppard’s first ever show in Westfield School, Mosborough, Sheffield, England.

Tickets There would like to congratulate the Might Lepp on reaching their 32nd year together and also congratulate guitarist Phil Collen who tied the knot the other day. Here’s a video from the bands first EP of a song called Wasted which is one of only two known songs to have been preformed at the Westfield School show.