LEMMY: The Movie

If you haven’t seen it yet then Tickets There can only advise you to pick up a copy NOW! Before you ask, Lemmy Who? Lemmy ‘Fucking’ Kilmister that’s who!.

One of the best music films of all time based on it’s subject alone, Lemmy from Motörhead! Without a doubt the coolest man in Rock ‘N’ Roll and possibly the world. What’s the secret to Lemmy’s coolness? Well unlike the posers, the wannabe’s and the sissy bitches (Kings of Leon, Kings of Leon, Kings of Leon), Lemmy is a man true to himself and does / says / acts the way he wants without exception. The embodiment of rock n roll for 90 minutes in your very own home, the closest a lot of us will come to actually living the life style generations before us have spoken in awe of for so long. Long live Lemmy and long live Motörhead. Enjoy.


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