The Riptide Movement Hot Tramp (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Up and coming rock Bois, The Riptide Movement have released the official video for their new single, Hot Tramp. Before you ask, no the girl from the singles cover doesn’t make a cameo (big sigh). Fear not, you’re still left with a tune that’ll smack the pants off ya.


12 Responses to “The Riptide Movement Hot Tramp (OFFICIAL VIDEO)”

  1. I do not and I think they’re a fecking awful band! Fucking misogynistic cunts, they’re lucky I don’t Riptide them a new arsehole for their depiction of women.

  2. Guns’n’Roses aren’t Irish so I don’t blog about them. But TRM are and they write a song calling a woman a ‘hot tramp’ and depict her arse in hot pants? They’ve obviously got 1970s minds to match the music they rip off.

  3. Kieran Glennon Says:

    nay is a joke!!

    • Right Kieran Glennon, so do you refer to women as tramps? Would you like it if someone said that about your mother, sister or girlfriend? It goes both ways. Your opinion appears to stand in a minority because as far as they’re concerned, their promotions company have been Bombarding me with PR for this band asking me to post about them on my blog.

  4. aoife grogan Says:

    video is a bit shit

  5. Nay… you’re a fool who believes your opinion matters. Since you’ve obviously sometime in your life called another girl a degrading name, you’re trying to start an argument out of boredom because whats good for the goose -is good for the gander. Dont get all spice girls circa 1997 spewing on about degrading woman. Blah blah calling girls tramps, honestly you sound like a stupid tree hugging green peace butch hippie.

  6. […] been highly anticipated, a lot of that thanks to their tireless touring, hit single – ‘Hot Tramp‘ an of course that good ol Cajun sound. Bring on 2012! Like this:LikeBe the first to like […]

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