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Ash – A-Z Vol.1 (Album Review)

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The last couple of months have been anything but quiet in the Ash camp. After the mega selling Free All Angles, the well received and much heavier Meltdown and the slightly underwhelming Twilight of the Innocents (Lads, you never gave that album any proper attention so shut the f**k up – Ed.) and the loss of guitarist Charlotte Hatherley, it seemed Ash were on the decline. Like, how long can three guys all in their thirty’s write songs about summer romances and Star Wars?? When the band reappeared in 2009 and announced plans to release 26 singles over the course of a year, Tickets There didn’t exactly hold the highest of hopes. Goes to show critics, even under-experience, untrained ones like us can get it wrong.

Ash do everything on this record. If it’s hard dance basted floor fillers, gritty guitar grundge classics, catchy pop rock highlights, heavy guitar driven bruisers or stripped back, piano and acoustic ballads you’re after, you’re guaranteed to find it here. Tracks like Arcadia, Space Shot, Dionysian Urge, War With Me, Return of White Rabbit, Ichiban, Neon, The Dead Disciples and Command really drive this album home and prove Ash can write and release singles as easily as the rest of us breath. Bigger ballad numbers like Joy Kicks Darkness, Pripyat, Song of Your Desire and Tracers give the individual singles a connecting quality that brings them together enough to work surprisingly well as an album.

On top of the first 13 singles and Return of White Rabbit, the band have lashed on four extra bonus tracks and aside from the stench of cheese coming from Coming Around Again, they prove to work quite well. The Creeps is easily something the band could have written in their early Jack Names the Planets days which CTRL-ALT-DEL comes from the same family of A Life Less Ordinary.

We’re stumped for words. We have given Ash an excessive amount of space on Tickets There since last year and there’s a lot left to go. In short, these first 13 singles are the finest musical outputs Ash have released in almost a decade and with another 13 to go, we’re sure we won’t be stuck for words for long.

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ASH: A – Z Series (Singles Reviews)

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Tickets There is on a major ASH buzz of a late. We’re resisting the extreme temptation of making them our favorite Irish act because we feel the position should go to one of the lesser known bands we love. In reality, ASH are our favorite Irish act currently on the go and their ability to write some of the catchiest and most perfect pop rock / alt-rock / grungy tracks in the history of the country never seems to diminish with the years.

Last year the band announced they would no longer use the traditional album format to release music and instead, were only going to release singles. Now they’re living up to their promise and have just released the second single from their A – Z Series of singles. Every fortnight for roughly the next year, a new single will be released on limited 7” and for download.

Tickets There has decided to turn our attentions to this so we’ll be updating this post every two weeks when a new single is released. Please click on the song names below to read each review.

ʁ: Return of White Rabbit

A: True Love 1980

B: Joy Kicks Darkness

C: Arcadia

D: Tracers

E: The Dead Disciples

F: Pripyat

G: Ichiban

H: Spaceshot


J: Command

K: Song Of Your Desire

L: Dionysian Urge

M: War With Me

N: Dare To Dream

O: Mind Control

P: Insects

Q: Binary

R: Physical World

S: Spheres

T: Instinct

U: Summer Snow

V: Carnal Love

W: Embers

X: Change Your Name (Coming August 30, 2010)

Y: Sky Burial (Coming September 13, 2010)

Z: There Is Hope Again (Coming September 27, 2010)