Ash – Song of Your Desire (Single Review)

It’s kind of sad to know we’re almost half way through this release. With the release of single K, there’s only two more singles left (out of respect for the privacy the band have shrouded around future releases, we won’t tell you which letters are next. Good luck figuring that out!) before we reach the official half way point. You know what that means? It means we have fifteen more singles to go before we start getting all sentimental.

Today’s single, Song of Your Desire, sees the band return to a much softer, more A-Z style of grand harmonies, slow melodies and the occasional input from the guitars. As songs go it’s nice but as the series goes, it wouldn’t be top of my list. Ash do melodic well when you think of songs like Walking Barefoot, Shinning Light and Sometimes but TT ain’t liking this particular drawn out style as much. If you liked Candy, you should check it out.

Out of eleven singles, this and The Dead Disciples would be our least favorites. Not bad when you consider the other 9 are all pretty savage. If you want to be in with a chance of seeing some of this material Live in Dublin on March 20th, hop over to our Competition Post and answer an unbelievably, unfairly difficult question.

Or, if you want to write back and tell us we suck and ASH rule, then by all means check out the track at, come back and slate us. In the mean time, we’re listening to Command!


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