Ash – Instinct (Single Review)

Another fantastically sunny Sunday here in Dublin and what better way to celebrate than by closing the curtains, straining the tired eyes and listening to the latest single from Ash. Tickets There only managed to reach bed around eight am this morning so we’re relying on the Co. Down boys to wake us up more than coffee ever could with a happy, jumpy, summery feel good hit. It may take longer than we’d like, but they get us there.

Instinct is the latest single in the A-Z series and it’s worthy of the title. Took a wee while to get into this one as it’s not as engrossing as quality Ash material and not a massive departure in styles from many previous A-Z tracks. It does manage to grow quickly though but will doubtfully ever become one of the more memorable numbers from the bands career.

Saying that, the song boasts some great dance pop beats, a brilliant beefy bass and a savage guitar solo so there’s plenty to make it worth your while giving this one a few spins. Tim’s voice also has some sternness to the tone which gives the track a backbone and stops it from becoming one of their few ‘avoid’ numbers.

See ya’ll in two weeks for Single U, one of the last releases in the series (sob, what’ll we do without our regular Ash reviews?? You TELL ME????)

Hop over to now, to hear Instinct for yourself.


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