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Ash – Carnal Love (Single Review)

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If there’s one song in the second part of Ash’s A-Z series that’s well and truly worth getting excited about it’s their new single, Carnal Love. Here they are, five tracks from the end and they come out with one the best songs of the whole series.

The verse is nice, stripped back, non-invasive and full of highly suggestive sexual references and all round warped in love, fantasy and naughtiness. The chorus notches things up with guitars a go go, harmonies and vocal changes to immerse you in all things Ash.

As always it’s catchy, it’s perfect in structure and overly appealing to the ears. Check the video out below (still not sure if we like it) and hear it for yourself. Official comes out Monday.


Ash – Instinct (Single Review)

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Another fantastically sunny Sunday here in Dublin and what better way to celebrate than by closing the curtains, straining the tired eyes and listening to the latest single from Ash. Tickets There only managed to reach bed around eight am this morning so we’re relying on the Co. Down boys to wake us up more than coffee ever could with a happy, jumpy, summery feel good hit. It may take longer than we’d like, but they get us there.

Instinct is the latest single in the A-Z series and it’s worthy of the title. Took a wee while to get into this one as it’s not as engrossing as quality Ash material and not a massive departure in styles from many previous A-Z tracks. It does manage to grow quickly though but will doubtfully ever become one of the more memorable numbers from the bands career.

Saying that, the song boasts some great dance pop beats, a brilliant beefy bass and a savage guitar solo so there’s plenty to make it worth your while giving this one a few spins. Tim’s voice also has some sternness to the tone which gives the track a backbone and stops it from becoming one of their few ‘avoid’ numbers.

See ya’ll in two weeks for Single U, one of the last releases in the series (sob, what’ll we do without our regular Ash reviews?? You TELL ME????)

Hop over to now, to hear Instinct for yourself.

Ash – Physical World (Single Review)

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Little later than we’ve liked. If Ash have the decency to be on time, you think we’d manage it. Fortunately it’s given us a few extra days to absorb the latest release in the A-Z series and this is always a good think when your love for the music increases.

Physical World is a real easy going, poppy punkish kind of track, like Ash’s earlier material. There’s the obligatory catchy chorus, the heavy guitar driven killer riff / solo and less lyrics than Baldrick’s Magnum octopus’. In short, the track sends a message about returning to basics of society rather than living in the on-line world (say, spending your spare time blogging rather than living – Ed). It’s got everything you need, it’s full of beams and it’s damn right tasty. Definitely a high point of A-Z Part II.

Well worth a visit to for a listen. Enjoy!

Ash – Binary (Single Review)

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Getting closer to the end of the series and the success machine that is Ash’s A-Z rolls on. Their latest track, Binary is a little slice of dance/pop heaven. Lighter than TT’s preferred Ash sound, the song still retains the perfect pop sensibilities, catchy changes and flat our perfectionism we love about the group.

Any fans of Return of White Rabbit and Space Shot are sure to love this wee one. We miss the guitars but change is always good and let’s face it, Ash always handle change well.

Check out the track @ See ye all in two weeks!

Ash – Neon (Single Review)

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Sorry for the lack of updates recently folks. Our editor had a nasty fall last Friday but we’re back on track now and just in time for Ash’s latest release, Neon.

We’re up to the latter I now (single 10 in the A – Z Series inc. Return of White Rabbit). So far the series has been pretty terrific. Tracks such as Space Shot, Arcadia, Ichiban, Tracers, Joy Kicks Darkness and ROWR are  already classics as far as the fans are concerned and they’ve gone a long way in proving that Ash are a band deserving of any and all attention and praise we the people can pile on them. With another seventeen singles to go over the next year, one has to wonder if there’s any stopping the lads in their quest to prove that bands can – work perfectly well outside the classic album format. Judging by Neon, it’s going to be very hard stopping them for making it work.  

Neon is a slightly off beat kind of mesh of sounds heard on the other tracks. Despite the album format disappearing, it’s very obvious that these songs all share a very common tone and structure. I’ve been listening to it since around ten this morning and originally I thought it was one of the weaker tracks like Dead Disciples but nope, proven wrong again. It’s a brilliant track with an oddly catchy chorus. The dark overtones in the verse work so well against the more upbeat direction the chorus takes.

Another winner and it just gets stronger every time you listen to it. Tickets There is back, Ash are back, Ireland get ready…..actually, Ireland, please just don’t slap us for saying something as corny as that.

Click Here to visit

Ash – Arcadia (Single Review)

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On a total Ash buzz today and can’t wait until Monday to review the next single. Song has been heard, words must be written and bitches must get their rock!! The third release from the A – Z Series is titled Arcadia and it’s due out on November 9th. If you’ve been following the band recently, you’ll know all about the 26 singles being released every fortnight for the next year. If you haven’t been following them, you know it now!

So far we’ve seen some disco. Then we got some monster eighties mash up. Then we saw some featherweight rock ballady work. Arcadia notches things up a wee bit in all respects. I haven’t heard the studio recording so this review is just based on a live video on You Tube.

The start is similar in ways to the last single, Joy Kicks Darkness. However everything kicks in a lot faster. The guitars are louder and heavier. The drums are wilder and Tim’s voice is more classic Ash. There’s no quiet moments and the harmonies sound like they’ll be killer on the studio version. Its shit catchy and sung at this speed just increases its catchiness. What can I tell ya, it’s probably my favorite along with Return of White Rabbit.

The only thing missing (and maybe I’m just missing it) is a full on Guitar Solo like they had in Joy Kicks Darkness. Tim is the most unlikely rock guitarist since Rivers Cuomo but when he rocks; he fucking rocks the place (just listen to that riff in Uncle Pat…which I’ve just stuck on because it rocks so fucking much!). Still a pretty sweet track and one Tickets There hopes they include in the set.

I’ll add the video when they release the official one. Until next Time, Happy Halloweennnnnn…..belated 😉

UPDATED – 09/11/2009: Just heard the studio recording of this track and it’s savage. Go and check it out by Clicking Here.

Ash – Joy Kicks Darkness (Single Review)

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Third single this year from Tickets There’s choice for Irelands leading alternative rock group, Ash and the third style we’ve seen from them. From the hard fueled disco styling’s of Return of White Rabbit the Co. Down boys moved onto some classic eighties era synths and pop with True Love 1980. The second single of their A-Z Series. Joy Kicks Darkness is more along the lines of restrained loud rock! And TT likes this.

Beginning with a slow, muted guitar intro and some light military style drumming on the snare, Joy Kicks Darkness is one of those builders Tickets There likes to discuss so much. It explodes in traditional Ash patented excessive, cathy pop style. The verse is a little slow at first but it grows on you once you hear the grandness of the chorus, not to mention the monster guitar solo’s and leads towards the end.

After a few listens it seems the for the second (third really) time in a row, Ash have pulled it off. Joy Kicks Darkness isn’t their best work but it’s pretty damn good and if we had a few more like it in the charts, the music world would be a lot more fun.


ASH: A – Z Series (Singles Reviews)

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Tickets There is on a major ASH buzz of a late. We’re resisting the extreme temptation of making them our favorite Irish act because we feel the position should go to one of the lesser known bands we love. In reality, ASH are our favorite Irish act currently on the go and their ability to write some of the catchiest and most perfect pop rock / alt-rock / grungy tracks in the history of the country never seems to diminish with the years.

Last year the band announced they would no longer use the traditional album format to release music and instead, were only going to release singles. Now they’re living up to their promise and have just released the second single from their A – Z Series of singles. Every fortnight for roughly the next year, a new single will be released on limited 7” and for download.

Tickets There has decided to turn our attentions to this so we’ll be updating this post every two weeks when a new single is released. Please click on the song names below to read each review.

ʁ: Return of White Rabbit

A: True Love 1980

B: Joy Kicks Darkness

C: Arcadia

D: Tracers

E: The Dead Disciples

F: Pripyat

G: Ichiban

H: Spaceshot


J: Command

K: Song Of Your Desire

L: Dionysian Urge

M: War With Me

N: Dare To Dream

O: Mind Control

P: Insects

Q: Binary

R: Physical World

S: Spheres

T: Instinct

U: Summer Snow

V: Carnal Love

W: Embers

X: Change Your Name (Coming August 30, 2010)

Y: Sky Burial (Coming September 13, 2010)

Z: There Is Hope Again (Coming September 27, 2010)