Ash – Spheres (Single Review)

It’s Fathers day and what better gift could any father ask for than a brand spanking new tune from Ireland’s leading pop rock trio, Ash. Single S, Spheres is officially available for streaming today and given a few goes, it’s proven to be one of the best from the second half of the A-Z Series.

Rather than going for the simple three chords, catchy build Ash are famous for, Sphere’s is a little more complex, deep and darker. There’s an eerie piano melody laid down over the verse with a slow, brooding drum and bass hammering along with only slight guitars in he distance, before everything thunders together for a restrained chorus.

The whole thing breaks down towards the end culminating in a funky, dance styled closure that never really explodes but, that would have been the obvious ending.

All in all, a tasty little number as usual from the Down boys. Head on over to Ash-Official to hear the track for yourself. Hurry up, only two weeks till Single T is out.


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