Metallica to play Marlay Park in September?

Alas, it isn’t to be. Metallica have announced THEY WILL NOT EXPANDING THEIR TOUR IN 2010 – Click Here for the official Statement.

We normally wouldn’t report news that looks as obviously false as this….but it’s Metallica and it’s a new year so who knows.

Word on Metal Ireland is Metallica are coming to play Marley Park in September (4th, according to the website). Now, forum members highlight that the information on the sight is dodgy at the best of times and the wrong date for Guns N Roses’ O2 show is still there so who knows but…

Metallica generally squeeze in a Dublin date every year and they’ve started announcing shows in Asia and Australia for late September so who knows, maybe they’re planning a quick stop over on the emerald isle to treat the Dublin metal heads to a few tunes.

After seeing them in Warsaw last Wednesday, our love has fully returned for thrash metals biggest export and if this show goes ahead, expect Tickets There to be front and centre for the lads. More news when we have it.


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