Metallica: Not Playing Marlay Park in 2010

Unfortunately the moment of truth has arrived, with the announcement of their second show in Christchurch, New Zealand – Metallica have confirmed there will be no more shows added for 2010.

Posting on their official Facebook page, the band had this gut wrenching, disappointment of an announcement to make,

Now to the real reason we’re here taking up space on this site…we also want to announce that all of our play dates have now filled up with the addition of this show…that’s right boys and girls, this will be the last date added to the World Magnetic Tour! So if you’re waiting for us to come to the Polar Ice Caps, your undiscovered planet or even your basement, sorry, this is as good at it gets.

So folks, we’ll just have to wait another year, To read the full announcement just Click Here.


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