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R.I.P. Oderus Urungus

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Oderus-urungus-08Very sad news coming through this morning that the great overlord of the universe, Oderus Urungus has passed away aged 43 Billion years old.

Oderus was a well known galaxy warlord before forming GWAR in the 1980’s. His power, malice, cruelty and might was known through several star systems and the very mention of his name sparked fear into the hearts of his enemies, allies … and loved ones. Eventually he was destroyed and his remains were scattered throughout the universe. It wasn’t until the merciless Frankenstein race of planet Scumdogia gathered the his various limbs and appendage that Oderus was rebuilt in the form we all came to know and love and he was once again free to reign with brutality and shocking homicidal tendencies.

For the last thirty years Oderus fronted GWAR, a gathering of the universe’s most powerful scumbags. They have regularly beheaded and tortured world leaders and audiences across the globe. Between gore, blood, guts and ‘aggravated advances’  they’ve also managed to produce some pretty incredible music.

It’s currently unclear what the future holds for GWAR now that their leader has passed but they have survived many line-up changes. However Oderus’ prescence in the band will always be felt and until his remains return to Scumdogia for regeneration, his fans, friends, band mates and family will mourn him.

R.I.P. Oderus Urungus (43 Billion B.C. – 2014 A.D.)



Academy Awards 2013 Fever

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I think we all know the film that will sweep the Academy Awards tonight! Yes, it’s Lincoln, starring Oderus Urungus from metal legends, GWAR. Anything else would be an insult to the Oscars, an abomination to human decency and potentially the beginning of Earth’s demise.

GWAR: D.M.E. Add Dublin Gig Poster

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This may not really be news – but who cares! Dublin Metal Events have added a poster to the event page for GWAR’s Dublin show which happens January 17th @ The Button Factory. Click on the wee thumbnail image and you’ll get the bigger version (Internet for dummies 101 right there). For all those as excited about this gig as we are, enjoy this little taste 🙂

Tickets for the gig are on sale now through (other outlets to be confirmed) priced €25 (plus booking fees)

Dublin Metal Events: Upcoming 2011 / 2012 Shows

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The good folks over at D.M.E. (Dublin Metal Events) have an savage line-up of shows ready to suit the needs of every shot downing, leather wearing, long haired legend in the country. Whether you love rock, hard rock, glam rock, heavy metal, Celtic metal, black metal, death metal or sher, unadulterated gore infestation of the most ancient, alien-enslaving nature – DME got your back ya’ll.

Kicking us off is one of the foundation stones of Irish metal, Primordial. Celebrating two decades together, Primordial will be blowing the walls of the Academy this Saturday after an incredible year that’s seen them finally earn the respect they (and the Irish metal scene) deserve. Since it’s not TT’s cup of tea, we’re not going to bandwagon jump here – but it’s great to see an Irish act get some real recognition. It’s been twenty years, but incredibly enough it might just be the beginning.

Next big one on the TT Calendar (well actually, the first one on our own gig planner) – Norwegian black metal lovelies, 1349. Named after the year the Black Death gripped Norway, 1349 intend on re-igniting the flame of Lucifer in The Pint on October 15th in what will hopefully be a full on corpse-paint blood fest. Wonder how our Def Leppard love will go down with this crowd?

Second on our own planner (all dates listed below – no need to panic), Gorgoroth & Vader @ The Button Factory on November 12th. Now, TT doesn’t know a whole pile about Gotgoroth (aside from folks constantly saying they’re frickin’ amazing!) but we managed to catch Vader’s last Irish show in Whelan’s and that’s enough for us. Without a doubt Poland’s premier metal band and one you should do anything you can to see live.

The Quireboys introduce a little good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll into the line-up when they play Whelan’s on November 27th. Sing along with their classics and you can enjoy Belfast’s Million $ Reload, who’ll be joining them on the night as support. Both bands get a double TT thumbs up which, as you all know, is the highest mark of respect in the world!

Bringing us towards the end of 2011 will be two almost back to back hair metal bonanza nights. First up, The excellent Reckless Love who’ll be hitting Whelan’s on December 2nd for a night of hairspray, spandex and some of the best rock n roll classics ever to emerge out of Finland (Hanoi who now?). Again anyone that was at their Crawdaddy show will agree that this gig promises to be something very special. After that we get some Swedish glam rock from Crashdiet who’ll also be abringing local lads Eazy Tyger along for support. Anyone that hasn’t seen them in a while would do…alright to check out their regular show in Gypsy Rose as there’s a new singer and new sound…well, newish. Both nights promise to make for a great end to 2011 with one final surprise up DME’s sleeve…..

Beasts of the night, enslavers of men and the all-round overlords of the Universe – GWAR will be ringing in the New Year in chaotic fashion when they arrive on stage in Dublin’s Button Factory on Januray 17th to show people how gore metal and stage theatrics should be done. GWAR have always been the pinnacle of on stage extremity with January’s show promising to be one of the highlights of the decade, let alone the year. More details still to be confirmed for this one but D.M.E. are hoping to have this sorted later in the week.

So to sum up, we’re not exactly stuck are we? All tickets are on sale now from Into The Void Records and (and outlets nationwide) for all events (except GWAR for the moment) and you’ve also got shows from Onslaught, Christ Agony, Evile and Hail of Bullets just in case none of the above appeal to you (although you should ask yourself ‘what sort of person isn’t infatuated by GWAR?’. We say bad people!!). Full list of gigs is available below, keep checking D.M.E.’s official website for more details.

Band Venue Date
Primordial The Academy  24/09/2011
Onslaught The Pint 01/10/2011
Christ Agony The Pint 07/10/2011
1349 The Pint 15/10/2011
Evile The Pint 23/10/2011
Hail Of Bullets The Pint 05/11/2011
Gorgoroth & Vader The Button factory 12/11/2011
The Quireboys Whelans 27/11/2011
Reckless Love Whelans 02/12/2011
Crashdiet The Village 04/12/2011
GWAR The Button factory 17/01/2012