R.I.P. Oderus Urungus

Oderus-urungus-08Very sad news coming through this morning that the great overlord of the universe, Oderus Urungus has passed away aged 43 Billion years old.

Oderus was a well known galaxy warlord before forming GWAR in the 1980’s. His power, malice, cruelty and might was known through several star systems and the very mention of his name sparked fear into the hearts of his enemies, allies … and loved ones. Eventually he was destroyed and his remains were scattered throughout the universe. It wasn’t until the merciless Frankenstein race of planet Scumdogia gathered the his various limbs and appendage that Oderus was rebuilt in the form we all came to know and love and he was once again free to reign with brutality and shocking homicidal tendencies.

For the last thirty years Oderus fronted GWAR, a gathering of the universe’s most powerful scumbags. They have regularly beheaded and tortured world leaders and audiences across the globe. Between gore, blood, guts and ‘aggravated advances’  they’ve also managed to produce some pretty incredible music.

It’s currently unclear what the future holds for GWAR now that their leader has passed but they have survived many line-up changes. However Oderus’ prescence in the band will always be felt and until his remains return to Scumdogia for regeneration, his fans, friends, band mates and family will mourn him.

R.I.P. Oderus Urungus (43 Billion B.C. – 2014 A.D.)



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