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MySpace Review – Halves

Posted in IRISH NOISE!, Music, MySpace Review with tags , , , on January 23, 2011 by Tickets There

Still a good few names on the Choice Music short-list we never bothered our arses listening to this year. You take a few months off and all of a sudden the underground is ablaze with names and faces you’ve never heard off. Unfortunately for Tickets There, 90% of the time when we make the effort we’re disappointed. Today’s band now join that 90%, introducing Halves to Tickets There.

Never seen them live, never will either.

Things did not start off well with this one. May Your Enemies Never Find begins like any other ‘play this for your children before they go to bed to really make sure they ain’t getting up again’ style tracks our young, lifeless generation of songwriters indulge in. I’d love to say it massively improves but the echoey, supposedly ‘atmospheric’ vocals, the boring, impotent music and structures remain very placid for the first half. Then out of no where – we get life. It disappears again and low and behold, comes back for a big loud sleek sounding indie ending. Nothing fantastic but better on hindsight. The kind of track that could be used to advertise Eternal Sunshine of A Spotless Mind.

Blood Branches unfortunately doesn’t manage any sort of a turn around. It’s just as boring as it sounds at the beginning right through till the end. I see what the band are aiming for but it’s not hitting home. It’s Sunday, we have headphones on. No distractions or anything but we’re not moved an ounce. Others like it, Tickets There and the majority don’t.

While May Your Enemies Never Find (you?) had the saviour, Blood Branches was short and lacked lyrics, Medals has little to offer. We’re leaving it there folks. Tickets There isn’t meant to do scathing reviews and if we’re going to get back into them, there’s worse out there than Halves. Our final word is simple, this music is boring. Think it’s time the world stopped trying to take itself so seriously and had some fun again with fun people and not be subjected to this moaning, woe is me, life is so miserable and broken hearted ….lalalal. God people. Try to enjoy yourselves.

Now, aren’t we professional?


Choice Music Prize 2011 Shortlist Announced

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The Choice Music Prize shortlist for 2011 has been released. Encompassing some of the finest records released by Irish bands…wait, you don’t want to see me attempt a nice big intro? Fine then, list below.

  • ·         Adebisi Shank – This is the Second Album By A Band Called Adebisi Shank
  • ·         Cast of Cheers – Chariot
  • ·         Cathy Davey – The Nameless
  • ·         Fight Like Apes – The Body of Christ and the Legs of Tina Turner
  • ·         Halves – It Goes It Goes
  • ·         Imelda May – Mayhem
  • ·         James V McMorrow – Early In The Morning
  • ·         O Emperor – Hither Tither
  • ·         Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History
  • ·         Villagers – Becoming A Jackal

The prize winner will be announced on march 3rd at Vicar Street. Last years award was won by Adrian Crowley for his album, Season of the Sparks

Choice Music Award Shortlist: UPDATED WITH LIST

Posted in Music, News with tags , , , on January 13, 2010 by Tickets There

Well, it’s been a year already. Today at 15:00, the shortlist for the Choice Music Award 09 will be announced on Today FM and the Choice Music Awards official site,

Last year’s award was picked up by Jape for his third album, Ritual, one of the finest albums released in this country for many a year. This year’s shortlist is surrounded in the usual mystery but Tickets There feels fairly certain And So I Watch You From Afar will be one of the nominees. If they’re not, there’s something wrong.

We’ll update this post as soon as the shortlists been announced.


Tickets There is rooting for And So I Watch You From Afar

Who do you want to win?