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Digital Socket Awards Announce 2010 Shortlist

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There’s a new award ceremony in town and this time the bloggers are taking control. Goldenplec, Harmlessnoise, Nialler9 and a whole host of Irish blogs have formed together to present the best of the best in Irish music from last year with this prestigious new award that’s being decided by no less than 26 judges.

The categories are filled with the obvious nods with bands like Adebisi Shank, Cathy Davey, A.S.I.W.Y.F.A., The Cast of Cheers and Villagers cashing in on a very successful year but there’s no shortage of other high quality acts that have been arguably passed over undeservingly by other similar award and media honours.  

On a personal note, the award organizers have rejected Tickets There’s many petitions to have a special honorary mention of Def Leppard in a ‘Lifetime Achievement’ category and legal action has begun. We hope this does not interfere with the Award presentation ceremony which takes place on February 3rd in the Grand Social. Music on the night will be provided by Groom and Meljoann with two special guests & DJ’s to be announced.

Tickets on sale now priced €10. Please find the shortlist below for your reading pleasure (let the arguments begin)

Best Design (Website, Artwork, Posters)
Adebisi Shank – This is the Second Album
Cathy Davey – The Nameless
Halves – It Goes, It Goes (Forever and Ever)
O Emperor – Hither Thither
Villagers – Becoming a Jackal

Best Independent Label
Any Other City
Osaka Records
Out on a Limb
Popical Island
Richter Collective

Best Video
Ambience Affair – Devil in the Detail
BATS – Star Wormwood
Cathy Davey – Little Red
Patrick Kelleher & His Cold Dead Hands – Contact Sports
Rubberbandits – Horse Outside

Best Music Photography
Kieran Frost
Ruth Medjber
Alessio Michelini
Loreana Rushe

Best Radio Show
Alison Curtis
Donal Dineen – The Small Hours
I-Con on Phantom
Paul McLoone
Right Click 2XM

Best Pop
Cathy Davey – The Nameless
The Divine Comedy – Bang Goes the Knighthood
Fight Like Apes – The Body of Christ and the Legs of Tina Turner
So Cow – Meaningless Friendly
Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History

Best Folk
Simon Fagan – Outside Looking In
Halves – It Goes, It Goes (Forever and Ever)
James Vincent McMorrow – Early in the Morning
O Emperor – Hither Thither
Villagers – Becoming a Jackal

Best Rock and Alternative
Adebisi Shank – This is the Second Album of a Band Called….
Enemies – We’ve Been Talking
Jogging – Minutes
The Redneck Manifesto – Friendship
Thread Pulls – New Thoughts

Best Electronic & Hip Hop
Meljoann – Squick
Not Squares – Yeah OK
R.S.A.G. – Be It Right Or Wrong
Shit Robot – From the Cradle to the Rave
Solar Bears – She Was Coloured In

Best Indie
The Cast of Cheers – Chariot
Grand Pocket Orchestra – The Ice Cream
Groom – Marriage
Ham Sandwich – White Fox
Jogging – Minutes

Best EP
The Ambience Affair – Patterns
And So I Watch You From Afar – Letters
Ang Kor Wat – Early
The Holy Roman Army – Desecrations
Sacred Animals – Welcome Home

Best Newcomer
The Cast of Cheers
Jennifer Evans
Hipster Youth
James Vincent McMorrow
Solar Bears

Song of the Year
Adebisi Shank – Genki Shank
The Cast of Cheers – I Am Lion
Cathy Davey – Little Red
Squarehead – Fake Blood
Villagers – The Meaning of the Ritual

Album of the Year
Adebisi Shank – This is the Second Album
The Cast of Cheers – Chariot
Cathy Davey – The Nameless
James Vincent McMorrow – Early in the Morning
Villagers – Becoming a Jackal



Choice Music Prize 2011 Shortlist Announced

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The Choice Music Prize shortlist for 2011 has been released. Encompassing some of the finest records released by Irish bands…wait, you don’t want to see me attempt a nice big intro? Fine then, list below.

  • ·         Adebisi Shank – This is the Second Album By A Band Called Adebisi Shank
  • ·         Cast of Cheers – Chariot
  • ·         Cathy Davey – The Nameless
  • ·         Fight Like Apes – The Body of Christ and the Legs of Tina Turner
  • ·         Halves – It Goes It Goes
  • ·         Imelda May – Mayhem
  • ·         James V McMorrow – Early In The Morning
  • ·         O Emperor – Hither Tither
  • ·         Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History
  • ·         Villagers – Becoming A Jackal

The prize winner will be announced on march 3rd at Vicar Street. Last years award was won by Adrian Crowley for his album, Season of the Sparks

Cathy Davey – Little Red (Single Review)

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Tickets There has always had a special fondness for the one and only Miss. Cathy Davey. She’s got a lovely, irresistible charm that comes through so much in her writing and despite it being a lot softer and, in some places, sillier than we’d normally like, we just can’t stop finding her appealing.

So, when she releases a song that sounds like a mesh of The Breeders meets The Temptations at Christmas time, Tickets There will still praise it and it doesn’t take long to realize our support ain’t just out of loyalty.

Little Red is a quirky, loveable little song with some cutely clever lyrics, some surprisingly un-annoying high pitch notes and a sound that in places is very reminiscent of an eighties pop number (any song, we’re not accusing no-one of nothin’).

It’s hardly Sgt. Peppers so we’ll cut the review there but its well worth checking out. Clean, wholesome, loveable catchy pop from one of Ireland’s most charming personalities.

Hear the song for yourself @ Cathy Davey’s Official MySpace Now!


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Whelan’s was packed to the rafters as it hosted the ’Murphy’s Live 2008’ semi finals. Even after the doors had been opened there was still a queue of people stretching back to the front of the pub. The heat inside the venue was so heavy you could barely move without breaking sweat. The tickets hadn’t lied about having to be inside early.

Two bands were on hand to compete against each other for a place in the final round of the competition. ’Stagger Lee’ an incredibly talented and professional quartet with a sound that fuses ’PJ Harvey, Garbage and Sonic Youth’ and ’Bravado’ a fresh young band who are proving themselves with every performance they give. On first sight it’s easy to be pessimistic due to their age but once they play you can hear great potential in their future. Also on the bill, as special guest headliner, is the Award winning and extremely talented and energetic ’Cathy Davey’ who won the award for ’Best Irish Female’ and was nominated in the ’Best Irish Album’ category for her second studio output Tales of Silversleeve at last years Meteor’s.

First up was ’Stagger Lee’ who did everything in their power to get the crowd energetic from the word go. They had already upped their promotion by providing free badges at the door for all in attendance and were also selling promotional T-shirts. Everything about Stagger’s performance was tight, despite a couple of instances involving high heels and microphone cables; they had their set down to a T, delivering a nice mixture of punk esque rock songs and slower relaxed material. Donna McCabe (vocals) voice gave the songs a ’PJ Harvey, Siouxsie Sioux, Shirley Mason’ feel and the music had an overall 90’s grunge sound about it with some crunchy Bass lines. Tracks such as ’Between Control Confusion, Misery River and their debut single ’Bad shoes’ serve as a taste of thing’s to come when they release their next EP.

’Bravado’ came on second and so did their fans. One thing about being in one of these competitions, ensure your friends, family and fans are there on the night to cheer you on. The lads were a little slower to relax into their set, which I’m sure was on account of the massive crowd in front of them and their inexperience with shows this size, however lead singer Brian Whittington didn’t seem phased in the slightest as he belted into tracks from their first EP including Running, Artificial AngelsOne Day and more recent material like ’Any Other Way, Take your Pick and Too Tired to Sleep and

This was the second time I have seen Bravado and they have grown enormously since the quarter finals. On first sight of Stager Lee the thought passed my mind that Bravado were now out of their depth, however they once again surprised me and I’m sure many others. The judges have a very tough decision in front of them and no matter who gets through to the finals; both bands have proven they’ve got what it takes.

As the judges reconvened on the balcony to discuss Bravado and Stager Lee’s performances, Cathy Davey came on stage to a rapturous cheer. Cathy’s recent residency shows around the country, awards and recent singles are really paying off and this could be one of the last chances to see her, not only for free, but in a venue as intimate as Whelan’s. She is set to play the Olympia in June and hopefully, she will follow in the footsteps of Damien Rice, Bell X1, Glen Hansard and Paddy Casey to international acclaim and stardom.

Although this wasn’t Cathy’s night, she preformed with the same grace, power and energy she always does. Opening with ’Mr Kill’ from her new album, she played a fantastic set which included old favorites such as Swing It, Yak Yak’ and new material from ’Tales of Silversleeve’ such as ’Reuben, Sing for your Supper, Collector’ and ’Moving’ which blended perfectly with her debut album material.

Mouth pressed firmly into the microphone, covered in sweat (like every one else in the venue), Cathy closed the night with a single encore and proceeded straight to the fresh cold air awaiting us all outside. Another hugely enjoyable Murphy’s Live evening of music and certainly a reason to start applying for tickets to the final as your guaranteed at least one incredible talent to go through from tonight.

Cathy Davey

Stagger Lee