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Review: Lluther – Live @ The Button Factory (March 27th, 2010)

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As a seasoned Irish gig goer, you become used to the majority of shows consisting of bands dressed in hoodies and converse, standing around muttering and acting very self-conscious and shy. The quality of music differs on the band of course but Tickets There, and people in general find a band more believable when they can perform their songs with confidence and tonight’s show by Dublin Industrial / Hard Rock five piece Lluther oozes confidence.

Tonight the bands here to film video’s for their new album, Rise of the Reptile King and treat fans to a performance of the full record. After an enjoyable warm up from the The Dublin Burlesque Cabaret & Social Club, Lluther explode on stage with the fiery hard rock Femme Fatale. The bands stage presence and setup is dauntingly impressive to say the least and each member performs their part with precision and perfect delivery.

Not being a huge expert on the bands first album or much of the newer material (latter of which you can’t hold against us, no-one knows the new stuff – Ed), Tickets There have to rely on the bands showmanship to help us enjoy the night and they don’t disappoint. Singles such as In The Dollhouse, Enough and King of Nothing are delivered with the same energy, power and slickness as the recordings but the bands live presence bring the songs to life in a way records can rarely capture.

Until She Comes & Rise of the Reptile King offer further highlights to the night, despite Gerry’s guitar cutting out during the latter, and a  guest appearance from Moth Complex’s Aoife O’ Leary comes as a welcome treat before the band close the main set. Off course, curfew or no curfew, there’s no way the band would leave their fans hanging and they return to preform four or five tracks from the debut, Agents of Empire. An album Tickets There isn’t currently familiar with but after this show, that’s about to change.

Despite a small turn out for a gig of this size, it seems Lluther are on the right course to conquer the world of hard rock in the near future. Next time they play Dublin, you can be guaranteed people will have caught on.


Lluther – Song Previews On Hold & Dublin Show This Weekend!

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In a surprise and very suspicious move. Lluther have announced that previews from their second album, Rise of The Reptile King are on hold until further notice.

The group, who’ve already released four of the albums tracks made the announcement last week on their MySpace giving no explanation for the sudden change in plans. So far, four tracks have been released for download (In The Dollhouse, King of Nothing, Rise of The Reptile King & Femme Fatale)

Now, Tickets There is no expert (we are, but this is us connecting with you folks), but we suspect some record company have heard how kick ass the material is and decided to give the band a record deal. Of course this is pure speculation but that’s what we’re gathering from the following official statement,

I cant tell you why…..& I cant even tell you why I cant tell you why :), but all will be revealed in time 😉

Things are afoot………….

The band are set to play the full album for the first time live, at their forthcoming gig in Dublin’s, The Button Factory this Saturday (March 27th). Tickets are available from the door or (€13.50 – €2 discount if you present a flyer on the night)

As soon as we have news of the mysterious stoppage, we’ll tell ye. Visit Lluther’s Official Site to hear the tracks released so far.

Lluther – Femme Fatale (Single Review)

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Didn’t we say Lluther’s Femme Fatale would rock the bollocks of a mammoth? Yes we did and the good news is, it would!

A fortnight ago they gave us sexy, now we have balls to the wall, guitar driven hard rock. The fourth release from their sophomore album, Rise of the Reptile King see’s the band plug into the hard edged, gritty but sleek, cut throat eighties guitar driven rock n roll. Behind the wall of riffs and solo styled tangents, there’s belting, fist breaking drums and a hard ass bass that gives the song that little je ne sais que that every good rock song needs.

From start to finish, there isn’t a lax moment. The intensity never slips, the chorus doesn’t get old and overall, it’s a fine package of good old fashioned rock with a nice glossy makeover, perfectly in keeping with the other songs we’ve heard thus far from Rise of the Reptile King.

Visit Lluther’s Official Website and download Femme Fatale now (and get King Of Nothing to, great track) and check Tickets There on March 20th for our review of their next track, Enough.

IRISH NOISE! – Lluther: In the Dollhouse / King of Nothing (Single Reviews)

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Three years since the release of their debut album, Lluther are back! After a long quiet period, the band are ready to reemerge with a hard hittin’, heavy rock second album, Rise of the Reptile King. Today the band release the second single from the album, King of Nothing. Their first single, In The Dollhouse came out last month and much to Tickets There’s dismay We only heard about it today from our old rivals (who we’re beating in the hits war by the way. Push it guys – Ed) Hotpress. After fierce negotiations, some sackings and knee delivered apologies, Tickets There has decided to review both songs and save face,

In The Dollhouse is a terrific, building piece of rock music. Imagine Monster Magnet, Marilyn Manson and Scott Weiland writing a song and you’ll get close. There are so many different styles as the song moves from sustained melodies and echoing vocals to hard edged guitars and explosive changes. Each listen brings new love for the song and as first singles go, this is a pretty good sign of things to come.

King of Nothing is a totally different monster altogether. It’s like hard rock meets funk as synth/guitar riffs build the bridges while vocals intertwine throughout leaving the drums do their best to let you know what direction the foot stomping, C.A.F. (Catchy as F**k) chorus is going in. The guitars are nastier, the vocals are clearer, the production, playing, writing everything is just brilliant. While In The Dollhouse may take one or two listens to really warm up to, King of Nothing will drill straight into your playlist and stay there until you nuke the damn thing out.

Although there’s only a sample of the next two singles, Rise of the Reptile King and Femme Fatale up, they both sound like they’d rock the bollocks of a mammoth so expect a follow up review as soon as we have the album and/or when the songs come out.

Jez, after the amazing stuff we heard from Million$Reload, Tickets There didn’t think anyone else could come close but by God there’s some savage stuff going on in the  Lluther camp. This will be an album well worth picking up and loving.

Catch them when they play Dublin’s, The Button Factory on March 27th

Check out these songs and more at the bands MySpace by Clicking Here.