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Lluther – Song Previews On Hold & Dublin Show This Weekend!

Posted in IRISH NOISE!, Music, News with tags , , , , , , , on March 24, 2010 by Tickets There

In a surprise and very suspicious move. Lluther have announced that previews from their second album, Rise of The Reptile King are on hold until further notice.

The group, who’ve already released four of the albums tracks made the announcement last week on their MySpace giving no explanation for the sudden change in plans. So far, four tracks have been released for download (In The Dollhouse, King of Nothing, Rise of The Reptile King & Femme Fatale)

Now, Tickets There is no expert (we are, but this is us connecting with you folks), but we suspect some record company have heard how kick ass the material is and decided to give the band a record deal. Of course this is pure speculation but that’s what we’re gathering from the following official statement,

I cant tell you why…..& I cant even tell you why I cant tell you why :), but all will be revealed in time 😉

Things are afoot………….

The band are set to play the full album for the first time live, at their forthcoming gig in Dublin’s, The Button Factory this Saturday (March 27th). Tickets are available from the door or (€13.50 – €2 discount if you present a flyer on the night)

As soon as we have news of the mysterious stoppage, we’ll tell ye. Visit Lluther’s Official Site to hear the tracks released so far.