Lluther – Rise of the Reptile King (Single Review)

Nothing better than sexy Rock and Lluther’s third single, Rise of the Reptile King is pretty sexy. Taken from the bands second album, ROTRK mixes some of the bands old industrial trait’s with their new rockier sound.

Unlike the hard riffed, rocky style of King of Nothing, Rise of the Reptile King is a slow, stripped back number with some fiery moments and an explosive chorus. Like In The Dollhouse, it may not grab you immediately but after a few goes it sticks and only gets better from there. The slow, heavy chorus just sells this track. It may not be a cover of a Vanilla Ice track, but it’s Another winner!

Lluther are releasing tracks from their second album, Rise of the Reptile King on the 10th and 20th of every month until September. Be sure to check back on March 10th for our review of the next single, Femme Fatale.


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