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Slane 2015 officially announced

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It’s official, MCD have announced The Foo Fighters will headline Slane castle on May 30th, 2015.

Joining the most loveable rock band in the world at one of Ireland’s most iconic festivals will be Kaiser Chiefs, Hozier and two other bands still TBC.

Tickets go on sale Dec 1st priced €79.50 including booking fees.

Day in the sun anyone?


Foo Fighters to headline Slane 2015

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According to Rick O’Shea, The Foo Fighters are set to headline Slane on May 30th 2015. The news apparently came from Dave G. Himself. More as we have it.

David Grohl himself confirmed the news live on the Rick O’Shea show. Get excited and except the official MCD announcement shortly.

Apologies to everyone who hopes to hear AC/DC, but doubt anyone will be that disappointed 🙂

Foo Fighters To Play Oxegen 2011?

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With the announcement that The Foo Fighters are headlining Scotland’s T In The Park festival, things seem pretty likely that Oxegen will soon announce the same.

The two festivals have always shared their acts so expect official word soon that the mighty Grohl driven machine will be returning to Irish sores in 2011. Pity it has to be Oxegen but you never known they might decide to play an ‘Intimate show for fans‘ in the O2 as well.

***UPDATED – 13th Dec 2010 – Foo Fighters Confirmed for Oxegen 2011***

Well, Tickets There was right (not that a whole pile of logic was needed, eh TT? – Ed). Foo Fighters have been confirmed for Oxegen 2011. Also, Oxegen will be a four day festival this year (although first day looks set to be a ‘welcome’ kind of night thing. There’s also some special offers for Early Bird tickets! Detials below,


Ticket Type Early Bird Ticket Price General Ticket Price (on sale March 2011)
3 Day No Camping €179.50 €199.50
3 Day with Camping €199.50 €224.50
4 Day Camping €219.50 €244.50

Read more @ (Ireland’s Leading Music Magazine

IRISH NOISE! The Paddy Usher Band (MySpace Review)

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Tickets There are playing catch up today. With September being full of Guns N’ Roses, shows, a festival and a wedding, we haven’t had a whole pile of time for writing. We’re doing our best to flesh out the site a little but overwhelming tiredness, depression educing lack of funds and an eagerness to do nothing but rock out and drink this month is delaying things a little. (There’s Hope!) The addictive charms of The Danger Is brought us back to reviewing and the rock out talent of this next band may just be enough to keep us sober, awake and a little better off.

Witnessing The Paddy Usher Band’s performance at the recent Temple House Music Festival, Tickets There decided this was another band in need of our much coveted, sought after attention (a-hem..coughs). Their MySpace kicks off with the very catchy, very main stream rock out melter Hot Tub Safari. A tad bloated in places and not able to keep all of its six minutes edge of seat gripping but it’s still a great number. There’s some classic rock in there, some Foo Fighters and several radio friendly key points. If they stripped this one back by about 2 minutes then we’re good to go.

You Are So Much Better Off is a real modern version of the Aerosmith country/rock song. It fills it’s time better than Hot Tub Safari and has a good beat driving it home. Aside from a slight lag towards the end, this track is a nifty little number and again more than radio friendly.

The Whole World Can See is a little too ballady for our tastes. There’s some good meat on the bones in places but the bottom really drops out of the chorus, Pity as well, the verse and bridges are probably the loudest thing on the whole player.

Live, there’s alot more to offer and it may be time to update the MySpace player. At the same time, there’s more than enough here to convince you these guys have something real going on. They’re talented, they sound great on record but the songs here just lack that magical touch by a ruthless producer.

Check out their MySpace by Clicking Here

MySpace Review – Fingersmith

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After trying a whole heap of acts from this years JD Set (Read Here for More), we were coming to the conclusion that aside from Stone Throwing Youths, everything else was amateur…until we found Fingersmith. Formally known as Silo and hailing from Co. Cork , they just released their debut album (The Annexe) in December and they’re currently working on a follow up EP. Honestly, the name didn’t grab us so they were on the ‘leave till later’ list but we’re hooked. They’ve an almighty band and we need to stop yakking and start praising.

As usual, we’ve never seen them live or heard their album.

After spending the last few days thinking we may have found the best bands in Ireland already, we were wrong (once again). Third song on their playlist, Freakshow is on at the moment so let’s start there. Guitars are brilliant, composition is brilliant, drums, bass and flow are incredible and the singer’s voice, holy god the singer’s voice is inspiring. What a savage, always changing, heavy as hell song. The riff is pretty much unstoppable and the speed is dizzying. What else can you say? We Freakin (NO PUNS! – Ed) love it.

Going back to Sub, things seem a tad slowed down. The first time you hear it you’ll find two words screaming at you. FOO FIGHTERS! There, we said it and it’s out of the way. FF sounding or not, it’s a great track and for all you fans of harder rock, I’m delighted it’s the slowest one they have up. The recording is so tight and layered that it the song continually grows gradually faster and heavier on each chorus/verse. Singers vocals are standout once again and we like it.

Last but not least, Pogo doesn’t waste any time letting you know that things will be a little heavier this time. The riff is infectious and the sudden changes are really enjoyable and make the main riff a little more dangerous. The Chorus is a little…ugh. The words Pogo the Clown will start to get annoying but considering he was a maniac serial killer, we’ll let them have it. In fact (joining the dots TT? – Ed), was that a recording of Pogo at the start? Maybe, Maybe.

Really enjoyed these guys. Very strong musically, very good writers, performers, recording artists and we’re hoping a great live act as well. They’re pretty original but still draw heavily from big sounding hard rock / pop rock which is never a bad thing unless it’s Nickelback. Along with Stone Throwing Youths and House of Dolls, add these guys to your list of albums to buy, gigs to see and bands to worship because in ten years, they’ll be stateside pissing away your money on booze, groupies and …well, they’re Irish so more than likely souvenirs for their mums!

Check out their MySpace Now by Clicking Here.

Foo Fighters New Song – Wheels

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Hey folks,

The Foo Fighters have a new track out that will appear on their Greatest Hits that’s coming your way Nov. 2nd!

Tracks alright. Very, very, very radio friendly and a little plain…to say the least.