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Dear ‘Entombed’ – What the Hell?

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Last night myself and the mad Brazilian were finishing up our third pints and couldn’t decide if we’d go for another. Being broke, Thursday, drinking weekend ahead of us..etc, we weren’t sure it was the best idea, as 4 generally leads to 8 and 8 leads to vodka and Jag back at the house. The taste was there though and we decided to pick a random track from Entombed (one of the heaviest bands on the planet) and agreed that if the accompanying video ( I For An Eye) was in anyway brutal, we would get another. Well ,….FFS, did we pick the worst metal video of all time? I believe we came close. No brutality, no nothing that in any way helped us convince each other than fate has said ‘YES LADS, get yourselves another pint of that lovely Czech stuff you’re drinking’.

Entombed, by the name alone that video should have had something brutal in it, as should all your videos. Next time ye have kids flying around on bikes, try to gore it up a little and pay some heed to your thirsty fans and well-wishers who want nothing more than to say, ‘Thank-you Entombed for helping me get drunk’. Next time I’m asking Motörhead.



W.A.S.P. Playing The Academy Tomorrow Night (Saturday, Nov. 27th)

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That’s right folks, Blackie Lawless and the boys are hitting Dublin tomorrow night for the second time in less than a year. The boys are still touring their 2009 album Babylon but there’s plenty of older hits in there like On Your Knees, L.O.V.E. Machine, Chainsaw Charlie and many more to keep all fans happy.

Gig’s happening in the Academy and if the crowd at Exodus last week is anything to go by, then recession or no recession: this show will be packed.

Dublin Metal Events presents W.A.S.P. tomorrow night in The Academy, Middle Abbey Street Dublin tomorrow night with tickets priced at €23.50. Support from Shadowside.

That’s not all folks, D.M.E. have a pretty savage winter lined up for all you heads out there meaning Fibbers, Brux and Gypsy Rose won’t be going out of business any time soon. Here’s just a few of the shows they’ve got planned.

Napalm Death – The Village (Dec 1st 2010)
Support by: Immolation, Macabre & Waking The Cadaver

Municipal WasteWhelan’s (Dec 4th 2010)
Support by: Saviours & Ramming Speed

DecapitatedThe Village (Dec 11th 2010)
Support by: Nephridium and Zealot Cult

Anathema – The Village (Dec 18th 2010)
Support by: North Atlantic Oscillation

Entombed – The Village (Jan 29th 2011)
Support by: Morphosis & Two Tales of Woe

Nile – The Button Factory (Feb 11th 2011)
Support by: Melechesh

Accept – The Village (Mar 19th 2011)
Support by: TBC

Children of Bodom / Amon Amarth – Vicar Street (April 5th 2011)
Support by: TBC

All details for each show can be found on Dublin metal Events Official Website (Click here).

Meanwhile Tickets There will be the ones robbing the Exodus / WASP poster tomorrow!