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Review: We Are Losers – Live @ Whelan’s, Dublin (TBC, 2011)

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We Are Losers are fuzzpop superstars in the making. Saturday night’s high-octane 7 song set in Whelan’s was astounding. Such is the quality of the songwriting and the on-stage intensity of the Kildare/Dublin quartet. Elements of Sonic Youth and Buddy Holly combine to produce stylish, uptempo, 2min darts of harmonising happiness.

Gavin Elsted’s quirky voice, light-speed guitar and head movements, are the visual focus. While Bronwyn Murphy-White (bass) and Steve Conlan (lead guitar) slingshot, sunshine harmonies and riffs towards the audience.

A 60’s surf-pop song, fights to emerge from a curtain of fuzztone guitars on “The Narcissist” as We Are Losers kick things off in considerable style. “We Vampires” has an Indie-disco feel. With elements of Flaming Lips and Strokes. The song slowly builds until Gavin Elsted, delivers the excellent chorus of “We let the light in” with great harmonies provided by the rest of the band.

“She Dreams in Spectrals”from the forthcoming Popical Island compilation, is a great song. Continuing in the high-spirits of the previous material. It is slightly reminiscent of “Girl from Mars” era Ash, dripping with fuzzed up harmonies. The only thing that lets We Are Losers down, is the amount of time taken to tune guitars between songs, as this disturbs the momentum of their show.. However, this can be easily rectified.

Forthcoming single “Cheerleader” (July 11th) gets the best reaction from the crowd so far. Its catchy chorus of “let me cheer you on” drawing them in.  We are Losers finish off their set with “Empty Head” a track from their 2010 self titled debut EP. It’s a two and a half minute fuzzpop masterpiece, with a great chorus “I wanna live forever” and an “oh oh oh” verse. 

It’s great to discover yet another, top quality Irish band exists.

Whelan’s: 1989 – 2009 Special Birthday Gig Tonight!

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It’s Whelan’s birthday today and Tickets There, one of Irelands leading semi-part time, underground, can’t be bothered half the time champions of the Irish Independent Music Scene decided we couldn’t let the event pass without saying anything. Accustomed as we are to public blogging, we still aren’t any good at it, but we do our best….sometimes.

Love it or hate it, Whelan’s is one of the corner stone’s of Irish music. It’s as important to us as CBGB’s is to New York, as the Cavern to Liverpool and The Astoria to London (FYI, all three of those venues have been demolished / moved in the past three years). Like the Roisin Dubh in Galway, Whelan’s has always been a Mecca for new Irish talent and practically from the moment it opened its doors, it’s been at the forefront of the Dublin music scene. The dream of headlining or even gracing it’s stage is one shared by many and local bands such as The Frames, Paddy Casey, Mic Christopher, Josh Ritter, Mark Geary and Damien Rice cut their teeth on Whelan’s stage over the years with many of them becoming regular punters in the pub on their days off.

All ranges of Dublin music fans drink and rock out in Whelan’s on any given night. On any occasion you’ll see indie nerds, punk rock fans, emo kids, dance fanatics, traditional Irish heads and singer songwriter souls floating about the place, soaking up its boisterous atmosphere, its reliable pints, the heat from the various fire places and the music, always the music.

Tickets There has fond memories of Whelan’s from the six years we’ve been drinking there. While we wouldn’t be regulars by any standards, we’ve gotten the chance to see acts like Kevin Burke, Christy Moore, Concerto for Constantine, Humanzi, Oliver Cole, Jape, Dave Geraghty, The Future Kings of Spain, Cathy Davey, Paddy Casey, TKO, Leopold, Ham Sandwich and many, many  more rocking the place to its foundations in that time. There’s lots of memorable stories like New Years Eve a couple of years ago when Jape missed the countdown because everyone on stage had forgotten to wear a watch, or when Humanzi played the upstairs venue last year and nearly made the floor collapse from the crowd going absolutely mental. The place was like a bouncing castle and I still can’t believe the wood held firm.

My fondest memory of Whelan’s was a show by an American folk singer called Jim Page, who of course shares a name with a certain Led Zeppelin member. About ten minutes into a conversation with his wife, the ball dropped. Wasn’t long after asking her if ‘Jimmy and Robert (Plant)still toured together’ that the look was given and Tickets There suddenly realized the feckin’ ejjet who convinced us to go had gotten the billing wrong…ever so slightly. Ah well, turned out to be one of the best shows I’ve ever seen in there. There’s lots more but that’s enough for now. Everyone has their own fond memories of Whelan’s and Tickets There would like to think in another twenty years, we’ll all have alot more.

Make sure you Check out their Website for a chance to win tickets to tonight’s show which features the following acts,

Luka Bloom
Maria Doyle Kennedy
Juliet Turner
Gemma Hayes
The Flaws
Paddy Casey
David Kitt
Ham Sandwich.

Happy Birthday guys!!