Review: We Are Losers – Live @ Whelan’s, Dublin (TBC, 2011)

We Are Losers are fuzzpop superstars in the making. Saturday night’s high-octane 7 song set in Whelan’s was astounding. Such is the quality of the songwriting and the on-stage intensity of the Kildare/Dublin quartet. Elements of Sonic Youth and Buddy Holly combine to produce stylish, uptempo, 2min darts of harmonising happiness.

Gavin Elsted’s quirky voice, light-speed guitar and head movements, are the visual focus. While Bronwyn Murphy-White (bass) and Steve Conlan (lead guitar) slingshot, sunshine harmonies and riffs towards the audience.

A 60’s surf-pop song, fights to emerge from a curtain of fuzztone guitars on “The Narcissist” as We Are Losers kick things off in considerable style. “We Vampires” has an Indie-disco feel. With elements of Flaming Lips and Strokes. The song slowly builds until Gavin Elsted, delivers the excellent chorus of “We let the light in” with great harmonies provided by the rest of the band.

“She Dreams in Spectrals”from the forthcoming Popical Island compilation, is a great song. Continuing in the high-spirits of the previous material. It is slightly reminiscent of “Girl from Mars” era Ash, dripping with fuzzed up harmonies. The only thing that lets We Are Losers down, is the amount of time taken to tune guitars between songs, as this disturbs the momentum of their show.. However, this can be easily rectified.

Forthcoming single “Cheerleader” (July 11th) gets the best reaction from the crowd so far. Its catchy chorus of “let me cheer you on” drawing them in.  We are Losers finish off their set with “Empty Head” a track from their 2010 self titled debut EP. It’s a two and a half minute fuzzpop masterpiece, with a great chorus “I wanna live forever” and an “oh oh oh” verse. 

It’s great to discover yet another, top quality Irish band exists.


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