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Review: METALLICA – ‘Through The Never’

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metallicathroughtheneverlargeposterMetallica’sThrough The Never’  hit cinemas late last week and doesn’t appear to have been pulling in the punters in any great numbers. Suprising when you consider the size of the crowds James, Lars, Kirk and Rob can draw when they grace the shores of any country in the world. Despite this being a movie rather than live show, the experience is everything you’d expect from something with Metallica’s name stamped across it. Big, bad, bold and brilliant.

Through The Never is a mash of Metallica playing an incredible career spanning live show that brings back beloved stage props, tour incidents and classic songs. From Kill ‘Em All to Death Magnetic – the boys bruise through sixteen of their crunchiest, heaviest, fastest songs while their young roadie/gofer treks through a war-torn city in search of materials badly needed by the band. The whole experience is presented in 3D, bringing the sweat from Lars back  right onto your lap. The band sound incredible and each one casts an imposing figure on the screen – tearing through their set with extreme power. Add in a little humour and some incredible scenes featuring full on violence, death and anarchy – you’ve got Through The Never.

If you haven’t been to an IMAX screening before then I can assure you it lives up to every expectation you could possibly have. The IMAX screen in Cineworld, Parnell St. is beyond impressive, imposing and makes adults feel like kids in the cinema again and if you haven’t seen Metallica on IMAX, then you need to sort that quick! It . Book tickets now!

Cineworld – Booking Page


Metallica Release ‘Through The Never’ Trailer

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1072137_10151504358350264_1649451021_oI won’t lie; Tickets There is excited as hell about the upcoming Metallica film – Through The Never and it’s only a couple of months away. For those who haven’t heard about this yet, Metallica are releasing a live concert film. Being Metallica, it isn’t just a movie though. It’s a live concert, mixed into an actual scripted film and it’s going to be released in 3D IMAX!

The story follows earned boy/roadie – Trip, as her undertakes an urgent mission for Metallica while they’re on stage. However, once outside the arena, Trip faces a ‘surreal adventure’ in a city descending into anarchy.

For the show, Metallica went and recreated many props and stunts from their most famous tours including the electric chair from Ride The Lightening, Lady Justice From …and Justice For All and the stage collapse from the Cunning Stunts shows. All in all, it looks like an epic masterpiece.

Tickets There will let you know as soon as we find somewhere in Ireland that’ll be showing it.

First Image of Metallica’s ‘Through The Never’ 3D Movie

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Through The Never (2013) Dane DeHaanMetallica never do things by half in fairness. Instead of going down the old route of releasing a basic live DVD, they’re going full on 3D IMAX for their new movie/concert file, ‘Metallica Through The Never’. Details are sketchy but it’s going to be based on a Metallica concert happening in a city filled with chaos where one of their road crew gets sent on a mission and so on.

The first image was released this week (can be viewed there at the side) and the film has officially IMAX release date of September 27th. Filming of the Metallica scenes took place last year in Canada on a stage custom built for the movie. Dane DeHaan stars as the main character…well, aside from Lars, James, Robert and Kirk of course.

It’s been a while since Metallica made a move that excited me (three years and counting lads – get back to Dublin!) but this project sounds like it’ll be well worth watching. The movie will be generally released in October.