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Tickets There Likes: The Sex Pistols – Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols

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Tickets There has had a deep rooted fascination with God’s filthiest hooligans. Ever since I first saw the wax work of Johnny Rotten in London’s Rock Circus in the early nineties, I’ve been fascinated. His appearance was so shocking and so different to anything I was used to and the fact that his name was Johnny Rotten only added to my enthusiasm to find out more. Fortunately I didn’t have to wait long as the Rock Circus had another exhibition that featured infamous video’s (I think) and this included Sid Vicious’ video for My Way that shows him shooting several audience members. To yours truly, this was a real event and I was captivated. First you have this sneering, red haired maniac called Johnny Rotten and next you have a murdering psycho Sid Vicious. I was officially hooked…..and then it was back to Ireland where there was no such thing as the Sex Pistols.

I don’t remember when I got the album. I do recall it was several years later but I can’t actually remember the first time I heard it. In fact, I find it very hard to remember a time in my life without it. Never Mind the Bollocks is the ultimate outburst of anger and sarcasm for young people. The music is basic pop with none of the frills the likes of Pink Floyd indulge in, with lyrics so scornful British monarchs and politicians must have thanked god they weren’t handed picked for any tracks…except the Queen of course.

There basically isn’t one song on this album that couldn’t be considered a classic. The opening track Holidays In The Sun is an upbeat pop number with an attacking message on holiday goers taking advantage of other countries problems and misfortunes. In contrast, the angry, hate fueled Bodies rips in straight afterwards with vulgar lyrics and a commonly interoperated message of Pro-Life, which Lydon now denies. Knowing Johnny Rotten, this song is hardly likely to be a simple story. No Feelings is another full on attack of guitars n drums about …well, what’s the point in me describing these things? I think everybody knows exactly what this album is all about. Anyone reading this is more than fully aware what the Sex Pistols stood for and what they accomplished. If you don’t, there are some great things in store for you..Unless you’re one of those soulless weirdo’s I’ve mentioned before.

I think kids would do well to have this album drilled into them. The fight seems to have left their hearts all together and they’ve become to bogged down in the rap/hip-hop/Paris Hilton nonsense. It just seems to be destroying their creativity, their originality and their minds. I’m sure many would disagree with this next statement, but Tickets There firmly believes that Never Mind the Bollocks was a peak that has barley been reached since of youthful aggression, intelligence and makes more of a statement that any other punk album ever released…even more so than the Clash!

What amd I talking about? I don’t know, kind of rushed this one so ShutD-Up!