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KISS Enter Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Shame

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KISSFor many years, members of the KISS army have cried out at the unjustified dismissing of KISS when the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame (self-titled) selects entrants for its ‘illustrious’ records. Yes, this group of nobodies who have contributed nothing to the world of rock ‘n’ roll (Actually, I should be a member) get to choose bands it deems worthy of taking a chunk of metal (or plastic or something) home and playing a song for their wage paying attendees.

Previous inductees have included Madonna, RUN-DMC, Randy Newman, Public Enemy, ABBA and many more prominent names in the world of rock. Unfortunately for KISS, they just didn’t have what it takes to beat out the aforementioned names to get inducted any sooner than 2014 – a full fifteen years after they first became eligible. Then again, why would they be any different than the less popular acts from rock history, such as Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple and Motorhead?

What’s most unfortunate for KISS is that while they’ve spent many years calling the HOF a joke, they actually agreed to the nomination when it came up and managed to destroy almost everything they stand for (stood for – Ed.) in the months leading up to their induction. The band that once spread a message of love and fun for four full decades have been reduced to bitter, nasty name callers and shameless behaviour. What should have been one united KISS telling the R’N’R HOF to go f*** themselves, as The Sex Pistols did in 2007 – respect; devolved into ridicule, pathetic controversy and petty sniping remarks – mostly from Paul Stanley, the beloved star child.

Paul, Gene – I love you guys. But f*** you and your bad mouthing of Ace and Peter. We all know they were there for the best of the best albums. Yes they are not the be-all and end-all of lead guitarists and drummers in your history and you have your differences, but they are the most prominent in your discography and nothing can change that. You can show them respect and resist resorting to childish, undignified name calling and bitching to the press. You are in your sixties, at least try to act mature.

To Tommy and Eric (and Vinnie, Mark and Bruce) you are all worth much more than this bullsh*t and not having your names on some stupid statue does not make the music you have written, recorded and performed any better, any worse or any less important to the people that love it. You are all part of KISS and it’s important not to let some bunch of over the hill nobodies try to dictate that. But tell Gene and Paul to cop on, they seem to have forgotten the whole point of the band.

The Hall of Fame does not get print on Tickets There anymore and I’m sorry I had to break the rule for this article. It will not happen again – not even when Def Leppard eventually come up for nomination….er, oh yeah – they’ve not been waiting for ten years now. Well thank God Randy fucking Newman is in there or we’d all be in shit. Oops, swears broke out.



ABBA More Rock N’ Roll Than KISS?

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Tickets There is troubled. I read about this earlier today and I thought, why bother?. Why bother writing an article about an establishment that flies in the face of everything its origins are based on? Today, The Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame (in Cleveland, Ohio) voted in favor of accepting Genesis (Fair enough), The Stooges (Fair Enough although they were technically punk if you go by definition), Jimmy Cliff (Ska / Reggae singer…..someone want to explain his presence in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame to me?) and the Dancin’ Queens themselves, ABBA into the hall in 2010. These acts (and a couple more, not keeping this long) were voted in ahead of LL Cool J (Fair Enough), Donna Summer (Damn right fair enough), The Red Hot Chilli Peppers (Hmm…little rocky but technically a funk rock band but if the Stooges can swing it, so can the Chilli’s) and finally, the greatest rock n roll phenomenon America has ever and will ever manage to produce, the mighty KISS.

Now, take one stroll down the main page of Tickets There and you’ll see we’re clearly biased. Obviously there is a great love for KISS on this site (and if you couldn’t tell before, then the constant capitalization of their name should spell it out), but TT would hope that people out there, with little or no love for the band can agree that KISS deserves to be included in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame before ABBA. I would hope that every single band in the world that ever used a distortion pedal would be included in the rock n roll hall of fame before ABBA. What’s next? Are they going to start reserving an annual inductee space for the winner of X-Factor?

The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame has made many, many decision mistakes in the past such as Run DMC and Madonna to name just two, but this is an original one. It’s like passing up Aerosmith in favor of Westlife. ABBA may have some of the catchiest wee pop numbers under the sun and no-ones trying to call them a terrible band or anything but they’re not rock n roll. KISS are and they’re good at it.

We’ll stop this rant before it get’s silly (many, many paragraphs and bracket comments deleted since I started) but I’ll say this, KISS are better off. The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame is out of touch and the last thing KISS needs is to be associated with that un-creditable institution and we urge them to reject their invite to join, when the offer is eventually made. Follow the Sex Pistols and let them know you don’t care.

(As Fans, Tickets There urges you to join a FACE BOOK campaign called ‘Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, you can KISS my ass‘ and show them exactly what you think of their decision)