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POLL: MEAT LOAF Bat Out of Hell I Vs Bat Out of Hell II – Best?

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Clash of the titans? Not sure I’d go that far, but Meat Loaf’s Dublin and Belfast shows are only a few weeks ago and I have questions for ye.

I’m currently listening to my Essential Meat Loaf Spotify playlist and ‘It Just Won’t Quit’, ‘Objects In The Rear View Mirror’, ‘Rock N’ Roll Dreams Come True’ and ‘Everything Louder’ all just played in a row and I can’t help but second guess the common agreement that Bat Out of Hell I is the classic. I believe II has just as much to offer – what do you think?

…and the first person to try and insult Meat Loaf gets a slap!


Meat Loaf: Farewell Tour Confirmed for Dublin & Belfast

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MeatloafWord is in folks, MCD have confirmed Meat Loaf will be playing Belfast’s Odyssey Arena and Dublin’s O2 Arena on May 14th and 17th respectively. Tickets are priced €58.70 for Dublin (no confirmation on Belfast prices yet) and go on sale this Friday, march 1st at 09:00 am.

This will be Meat Loaf’s last visit to Ireland, a country he credits amongst other in Europe as keeping his career going throughout the 80’s and early 90’s. He visit as part of his ‘Last At Bat’ Farewell tour (as previously reported here).

  • May 14th 2013 – Meat Loaf: Belfast Odyssey Arena
  • May 17th 2013 – Meat Loaf: Dublin O2 Arena

If you’re planning on going then don’t forget to check out our 7 Essential Meat Loaf Accessories to bring with you.

7 Essential Meat Loaf Accessories For Farewell Tour

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It seems there’s a bit of excitement building over Meat Loaf’s semi-official confirmation that he’s coming to Belfast and Dublin later this year, as part of his ‘Last At Bat’ farewell tour. While we all wait for either MCD or Aiken to confirm the shows, let’s see what accessories gig goers will need in order to pay homage to the Loaf one last time.

107781_f2601: A Jim Steinman – Very popular in the late seventies, remained strong in the early eighties and made a shockingly good come back in the early nineties. Every true Meat Loaf fan will want one for the shows in May or you’ll feel left out. Just try and remain friends at the end of the night.

RHPS-HotPatootieL2: A leather jacket – Classic in every sense. Not only does it make a wonderful rugged accessory for any gig goer, large or small. It’ll also keep the fires of hell at bay as you soar through them towards heaven on your Harley chopper (with yer moth giving ye grief from the back.)

deadringer3: A Cher – If you want to have a good duet to ‘Dead Ringer For Love’, make sure you bring your own Cher. Every time someone assumes there’ll be some spare Cher’s knocking about a M.L. gig, they end up being seriously disappointed. Remember though, a Cher is for life, not just for Meat Loaf.

MeatRED4: (box of) Red handkerchief(s) – Doubtful you’ll manage to hold onto just one for the night. Do an Elvis and make your Cher or Jim Steinman carry spares for you so you can pass them out to fellow Loaf enthusiasts while walking around the venue. May get you a free drink…. or a box to the head. Either way – story sorted.

5: Indian / Harley Davidson Chopper – The ultimate in Meat Loaf styling and accessorising. There might be some bother getting it past security but the sounds of 14,000 engines revving up during ‘Bat Out of Hell’ will make it all worthwhile.

MeatSHIRT6: Frilly Tuxedo shirt – Although the Loaf keeps his own fashion up to date, there’s no reason his fans should change. A frilly tux shirt is just the job for this gig and nothing else would look right under the leathers, sat on chopper with Cher and Jim Steinman at your side.

Finally, 7: Willpower. You need to be in a position where you can honestly say ‘I will not do that’ no matter what – especially if it’s something you’d normally do anything for. With all this you’ll be ripe and primed for the Meat Loaf experience to end all experiences. Oh, and the reason there’s only seven is because B.O.Of H. only has seven tracks – ya see, smart. ….no fun in that now that it’s written.

The legendary singer hits European shores in two months. TT would advise paying your respects one last time,

Meat Loaf – Last At Bat Farewell Tour 2013

  • Apr 05 – Newcastle, Metro Arena
  • Apr 07 – Glasgow, SECC
  • Apr 10 – London, The O2
  • Apr 12 – Birmingham, LG Arena
  • Apr 14 – Nottingham, Capital Fm Arena
  • Apr 17 – Manchester Arena
  • Apr 19 – Sheffield, Motorpoint Arena
  • Apr 21 – Cardiff, Motorpoint Arena
  • Apr 25 – Frankfurt, Festhalle
  • Apr 28- Berlin, O2 World
  • Apr 30 – Munich, Olympiahalle
  • May 03 – Stuttgart, Schleyerhalle
  • May 05- Hamburg, O2 World
  • May 08 – Oberhausen, Konig-Pilsner Arena
  • May 14 – Belfast, Venue TBC
  • May 17 – Dublin, Venue TBC

Meat Loaf Coming to Dublin and Belfast in 2013?

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These shows have now been CONFIRED

Meatloaf is apparently coming to Dublin and Belfast this year. The singer just posted news on his Facebook page, although it appears he’s ahead of the game. More news will follow when they’re officially announced. For now here’s the shows…

May 14: Belfast (Venue TBC, probably The Odyssey)
May 17th: Dublin (Venue TBC, probably The O2)


Meat Loaf Announces Dublin & Belfast Shows

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The legendary (all intellectual properly rights respected) Loaf is returning to Ireland for the gazillionth time this year. The man who was a staple of Tickets There’s youth has announced shows in Dublin’s O2 Arena on December 18th and Belfast’s Odyssey Arena on the 20th.

Responsible form two of rocks greatest albums, Bat Out of Hell and its sequel, Bat out Of Hell II, Meat Loaf possesses one of the finest voices in music and delivers his performances with more power than the bikes he sings about.

Well worth catching and with tickets for Dublin priced at a mere €59.60+, you can’t go too wrong. Tickets for both shows go on sale this Friday @ 09:00am

Check out The Meat and Angelina Jolie below,

Meat Loaf