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Arthur’s Day – The ‘Hot’ Stuff?

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Now that things have calmed down, Tickets There would like to further explore the Arthur’s Day controversy the erupted within certain circles of the Irish music scene last month when Walls / Stunning front man, Steve Wall, attacked the day for promoting English artists ahead of Irish talent, given that the spirit of day is a celebration of Ireland’s most famous export – Guinness.

Steve is quoted in the Irish Times as describing this year’s Arthur’s Day celebrations as a “cynical act in pulling the wool over Paddy’s eyes”. A great number of people have supported Steve’s comments while many others (including The Minutes & Thomas Walsh of Pugwash) don’t see what all the fuss is about. From a bog standard point of view, it should be simple, an Irish festival for Irish bands – but that’s just not the way it is unfortunately. This article is not directed at Steve Wall, but rather the points he raised that a lot of other people / musicians agree with.

Diageo PLC, owners of the Guinness Brand and many others, are a British company that decided to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Guinness Brewing Company in 2009 with an international tribute to Arthur Guinness, the man who started it all. They landed in Ireland on September 24th and spearheaded a massive celebration using international music acts with a massive Proud to be Irish / Guinness drinker theme running through it. Great success, made a bit of dosh for Diageo– everyone happy. However, when it returned a year later people got the message that this was not a once off thing. Obviously the chance to generate a guaranteed annual increase in revenue was a little too lucrative for Diageo to just ignore. Fair enough, this is a recession after all and more revenue equals more money for the country and St. Jame’s Gate employees getting to stay in the job. All good, no?

So the money-making side isn’t what’s annoying Steve and supporters of his comments. It all comes down to the entertainment being used to promote this supposed Irish / Guinness festival. While Diageo promoted that fact that over 500 Irish bands were taking part in this year’s Arthur’s Day celebrations, none of those names were headline artists. Indeed, no Irish act of any sort was chosen to be a headliner at a festival that used Ireland and Irish-ness as its foundation and platform worldwide. Very unfortunate and a little disrespectful to a country long renowned for its powerful traditional music and its massive contribution to the world of internaltional music over the years….not to mention all the pints of the black stuff us good auld Irish have purchased over the years. While Arthur’s Day could have been a chance to allow home-grown talent like Le Galaxie, Jape, Ham Sandwich, Cast of Cheers, (Shudder) Fight Like Apes..etc, etc to shine on an international setting, on a day when the whole world wanted to embrace Ireland and it’s culture. A very fair point, but Tickets There can’t unanimously agree we’re afraid and it’s for one simple reason. Arthur’s Day is a celebration for a man who endorsed the idea of British rule over Ireland and proclaimed himself an Irish Unionist. Therefore, isn’t it more fitting we get British acts in to represent Arthur’s Day rather than Irish ones?

To be fair, that’s not our real reason. Unlike St. Patrick’s day (incidentally, another plastic paddy festival for a man who was 1, ENGLISH and 2, brought Christianity to Ireland – something a lot of people these days would rather hadn’t happened), Arthur’s Day is an event invented by and run by a company, not a country. Sure pubs chip in and do their part, but they aren’t answerable to Ireland or its people. It’s all for a drink and the man that invented it and it just so happens they came from Ireland. We are fortunate a company has taken a lead at drumming up some good cheer and extra business for our streets, pubs and restaurants during these bleak recession hunkered days, rather than do nothing at all like most of our national companies. None of the Irish bands mentioned in any of this are tearing up the international charts so why would they be booked as major headliners just because of where they’re from? That folks is bias, discrimination and wouldn’t be tolerated in any other form.

We must all be getting sick of Irish people attacking anything and everything in sight. Why don’t we all just attack Oxegen and Electric Picnic for not exclusively booking Irish talent as their key headliners? Or fine MCD and Aiken for not ensuring that 50% of their events are Irish based? If Irish bands want to make it in this life they’ll have to do what every other band has to do, appeal to people, sell albums and make it. They’re not being discriminated against, they’re not be cast away or anything else. This is not 1960’s London, we are no longer below the dogs. We are a respectable country with a proud musical heritage and should be able to make our way in the 21st century without Bono or hand-outs. If people higher up in the Irish entertainment world have a problem, why don’t they arrange their own festival to celebrate our music? If our bands are as big a draw as they say then certain people will make a fortune and the bands will get a larger platform.

The Irish need to stop blaming their problems on everyone else and take some responsibility for themselves. How can we ever hope to restore our pride and dignity if we keep running back to internationals, pulling on their trousers asking for more? Ireland needs to re-carve its own identity and make other countries look to us with awe and excitement, rather than berate, guilt and sulk our foot through the door.

Incidentally, Steve Wall is a man I have a lot of respect for. He’s one of the greatest song writers Ireland has ever produced and founder / driver of two bands Tickets There (and myself, Robert O’ Connor) greatly admire and enjoy. This is not an attack on him, but a criticism of any Irish band that sits around waiting for ill-gotten hand-outs. It’s tough out there but that is life as a musician (and everyone else for that matter). Stop sitting around waiting for others to open doors and do it yourselves with your music. If Ireland doesn’t suit, re-locate or get a new job. If things are made too easy, everyone will be in a band and the whole scene will water down even further. Steve fairs better than most and works exceptionally hard to keep his bands going, but it’s time Ireland stopped blaming all of its problems on the English and got up and did something about it for ourselves. Let’s just leave Arthur’s Day for what it is, celebrating the black stuff!

Le Galaxie Announce FREE Show in Dublin’s Button Factory – Friday, Sept. 23rd

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The excellent Le Galaxie round of a great summer of promotion for their incredible Laserdisc Nights II album this week when they play a free show in The Button Factory. This will be the band’s first Dublin show since the album was launched back in June and promises to be a late night of drinking, dancing and major tunage.

Helping the band along on the night will be Three Trapped Tigers, Diamond Dagger, Seams and Nanobot.

It all kicks off at 8pm sharp and again, it’s completely free so get their early!

Review: Le Galaxie – Live @ The Workman’s Club, Dublin (June 17th, 2011)

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The stage appears small with the array of wires, lights and electronic music equipment that Le Galaxie have brought to the Workman’s Club tonight for the launch of their first album Laserdisc Nights 2. Roars go up as a hooded luminous face painted quartet takes to the stage. From the word go, it’s clear the cinematic element of the album has been slightly sidelined for a heavy indie/dance sound. Not that it’s a bad thing! There’s also a touch of nostalgia in the air as a handful of glowsticks are thrown into the crowd. It feels like acid house all over again and so dance numbers Beyond Transworld and Earth are quite befitting.

 Rarely addressing the crowd Le Galaxie plough through their set. By the time they reach Powers of Miami and Solarbabies things really start to heat up. Both numbers are loaded with euphoric synth sounds just perfect for busting some dance moves. How could you not possible move to this music?!

More glowsticks are tossed from the stage to guide our way. When writing gig reviews I often find myself jotting notes blindly in the dark but not tonight. I stick a few into the frames of my glasses and away I go. It’s nice when bands have a kind thought for the reviewers!

What’s so great about this act is their ability to mix things up. During numbers like Police Department and This is Reality Diane I’m bouncing around at a dance gig with pulsating synths and a laser light show. The next moment our sonic electro heads pick up guitars and things go all hard indie and heavy as drums pound and guitars distort. But they also know how to ease off the accelerator a bit with numbers like Orion and Victory.  

You could tell this was an album launch. To make it a memorable night they take the last song to the crowd. Vocalist Le Michael Galaxie as he’s called on the band’s Facebook page; jumps from the stage armed with a synth and a cowbell. It’s a nice moment as everyone crowds around and joins in.

I can’t remember the last time I witnessed such a solid performance and I also can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday night. If you have not yet had the pleasure of catching Le Galaxie, treat yourself! 


Le Galaxie – Laserdisc Nights 2 (Album Review)

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One of the problems of living during a recession is that you are bombarded with negativity on a daily basis and so reality is hard to take at times. The news may leave you feeling somewhat empty and apathetic. I find a little dose of pure escapism is just what the doctor ordered. Le Galaxies’s new album Laserdisc Nights 2 might just be the ticket. Building on the success of their Transworld EP and scooping an IMTV Best Dance Music Video Award in 2009 for You Feel The Fire!; the Dublin quartet has done itself proud. Their latest offering is an audacious electro pop rock trip that makes regular influential stops at Blade Runner, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Tron and all things science fiction.

Opener Earth and Beyond Transworld is where it all begins. Starting with simple synths and drum beats, they evolve into straight up dance floor epics.

What is so striking about these songs is that they time travel like a Back to the Future DeLorean car. They’re duly weighted in Kraftwerk, 1980s and 1900s dance and techno influences, but shot through with futurist tones and themes.

The first single to be released Midnight Midnight sounds like Gary Numan in robotic vocal mode. The machines have taken to the streets and are seeking vengeance in the form of simmering synths and signature keyboards. Like many of the songs it’s all held together with pounding drums and a chorus that might lead you to run amok on the nearest dance floor.

Without a doubt one of the strongest tracks on the album, Powers of Miami hears the human race ask ‘how much time has it got left?’ It starts out with tightly packed little beats, but things change gears with euphoric melodies and strong guitar work.

Dividing the album and slowing things for a moment is the floating in space dreamscape, Blood Beach. It is easy to imagine this accompanying those fascinating dystopian skyline images in the 1982 film Blade Runner.

The journey continues with Orion which strips away the dance grooves and turns up the guitar amps to give a more rounded electro pop sound. As it grows into a rock-out jam you might forget you’re listening to Le Galaxie. But not to worry – nobody does anything on this record unless a computer says so first. Computerised vocals are always there to keep things in check.       

Similarly Police Department starts with a computerized voice reminiscent of the out of control computer HAL from the aforementioned 2001: A Space Odyssey film. However the results are less eerie as it’s a posh English gentleman computer pleading for clemency from its master. Personally I never thought I’d feel sorry for a computer, but I do! A simple drum beat drowned in a manic frenzy of pulsating synths are what it’s all about.

Victory and Paradising help to bring the magical mystery tour to an end. The former starts slow but ascends in typical Le Galaxie fashion with supernova style choruses and chunky bass lines. Things slow and drift into Paradising which provides the calm after the storm.

Providing good value for money Laserdisc Nights 2 is an album that will make you get off your seat and dance but it may also take you to far off distant places. It should also take Le Galaxie places too as it very well might be one of the best Irish electronica albums of 2011.

Le Galaxie – All night Album Launch Party! (June 17th @ The Workman’s)

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In the words of Le Galaxie fans everywhere, about time!! Their debut album, Laserdisc Nights 2 is out and it’s incredible! If you, like ourselves, have been waiting patiently for a release from the lads for the past few years – prepare to be satisfied. And if the album itself isn’t enough to qualm your woes, a five and half hour release party should really do the trick.

June 17th the band will officially launch the album at Dublin’s Workman’s Club. It’ll only cost you €6 on the door or €10 with a copy of the album included (let’s go over that again – €10 for 5.5 hours of live music / DJ’s and drinks plus a copy of the band’s album. Is that good value or what???)

Support on the night comes from Kid Karate and The Electric Foxx with DJ sets from Adultrock, NoiseinOurHead, Last Days of 1984 and Let’s Fighting Love. Be there or ….miss out!

Le Galaxie: All night Album Launch Party!

The Workman’s Club 17.06.11

Plus: Kid Karate and The Electric Foxx as support.

09.00pm – 02.30am – Admission €6 (€10 with a copy of the album)

DJ Sets: Adultrock, NoiseinOurHead, Last Days of 1984, Let’s Fighting Love


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Always a sceptic of favourite Irish acts these day, I’ve decided to pick yet another of Ireland’s hotly tipped underground acts for the fourth Tickets There MySpace Review. Le Galaxie are making quite the name for them selves these days. Their dance beats are finding friends with indie heads, metal heads and pop fanatics, not easy boundaries to break. As usual, I haven’t seen the band live or heard their album, the following review is based on solely on their MySpace tracks.

As I Feel The Fire loads up, I decide to take a sneak peak to get an idea of their style. After a few seconds I had to turn it off. Sunday mornings are not the best times to stick on instrumental dance. I can never understand those guys with dance beats blaring in their cars at nine in the morning. Then again, I can’t understand metal fan drivers who go around with Slayer on during the day either, well, not unless they plan of having some good old fashioned road rage and their driving monster trucks. I went straight to The Script’s MySpace to give them ago and about eight seconds in, I realized the very bad mistake I had just made. I heard they were poppy but sitting through music like that is on par with Nazi torture, except more drawn out and self inflicted.

LeGalxie it is and opening song, I Feel The Fire isn’t too bad, not too bad at all.  It has a kind of THX Sound intro that you hear in cinemas with overdubs of a Resident Evil disaster warning. Good beats, nice synths that build steadily. At the end of the day, it’s a dance song. You cant write too much other than this is a pretty great song. About a minute in and there’s a burst of guitars, drum beats and vocals. Impressed and surprised to say the least. Theirs a true air of grandeur and an appreciation for the bodies connection with the sound. (in non-bullshit/waffle words, this is sweet!)

I have to stop I Feel the Fire on the third listen because it’s Sunday morning and I want to go back to watching the telly. LA Takedown’s up next. Kind of a soppy opening. Not as hard hitting as IFTF but nice. More based around guitars bass ad drums rather than dance beats and synth’s. Song bursts open again and displays some Arcade Fire traits. Eh, not really Tickets Theres thing. Sounds like a lot of indie stuff out there but without the lyrics. Probably nice in the middle of a live set though and has enough going on to keep you interested.

We Bleed the Blood of Androids brings the vibe back on par with the first song…but then doesn’t. I don’t know if it’s the floating, echoey beats or the drifting guitars but this is another brilliant song. Just as I was getting worried they might only have one. Riveting, powerful, uplifting. If I took pills, this would be on my play list for the first time.

The forth and self titled track, Le Galaxie sounds like a U2 remix. Worse then LA Takedown, not as good as the other too. Follows a similar formula to the previous songs but it’s a little more bland. Nice opening, kind of choppy but again, not my cup of tea.

3061 is the final song of the day and for the first time doing on of these review (yeah, like it’s been a million), I’m a little disappointed. Le Galaxie are a very, very good band. I’m not a major dance fan. I like The Prodigy, The Happy Mondays, New Order, Marshall Jefferson and some garage but not a whole lot else and sadly, 3061 is more of a phase out song rather than an actual track. Still after two brilliant songs, one okish one and one that I wont be rushing out to buy, Tickets There is finally happy to say we (as in I) fully recommend Le Galaxie. They may not be the most novel or unique act (Chemical brothers anyone?) but their good at what they do and that’s even becoming rare these days.

Catch them in Whelan’s on February 25th.

And visit them on MySpace: