Always a sceptic of favourite Irish acts these day, I’ve decided to pick yet another of Ireland’s hotly tipped underground acts for the fourth Tickets There MySpace Review. Le Galaxie are making quite the name for them selves these days. Their dance beats are finding friends with indie heads, metal heads and pop fanatics, not easy boundaries to break. As usual, I haven’t seen the band live or heard their album, the following review is based on solely on their MySpace tracks.

As I Feel The Fire loads up, I decide to take a sneak peak to get an idea of their style. After a few seconds I had to turn it off. Sunday mornings are not the best times to stick on instrumental dance. I can never understand those guys with dance beats blaring in their cars at nine in the morning. Then again, I can’t understand metal fan drivers who go around with Slayer on during the day either, well, not unless they plan of having some good old fashioned road rage and their driving monster trucks. I went straight to The Script’s MySpace to give them ago and about eight seconds in, I realized the very bad mistake I had just made. I heard they were poppy but sitting through music like that is on par with Nazi torture, except more drawn out and self inflicted.

LeGalxie it is and opening song, I Feel The Fire isn’t too bad, not too bad at all.  It has a kind of THX Sound intro that you hear in cinemas with overdubs of a Resident Evil disaster warning. Good beats, nice synths that build steadily. At the end of the day, it’s a dance song. You cant write too much other than this is a pretty great song. About a minute in and there’s a burst of guitars, drum beats and vocals. Impressed and surprised to say the least. Theirs a true air of grandeur and an appreciation for the bodies connection with the sound. (in non-bullshit/waffle words, this is sweet!)

I have to stop I Feel the Fire on the third listen because it’s Sunday morning and I want to go back to watching the telly. LA Takedown’s up next. Kind of a soppy opening. Not as hard hitting as IFTF but nice. More based around guitars bass ad drums rather than dance beats and synth’s. Song bursts open again and displays some Arcade Fire traits. Eh, not really Tickets Theres thing. Sounds like a lot of indie stuff out there but without the lyrics. Probably nice in the middle of a live set though and has enough going on to keep you interested.

We Bleed the Blood of Androids brings the vibe back on par with the first song…but then doesn’t. I don’t know if it’s the floating, echoey beats or the drifting guitars but this is another brilliant song. Just as I was getting worried they might only have one. Riveting, powerful, uplifting. If I took pills, this would be on my play list for the first time.

The forth and self titled track, Le Galaxie sounds like a U2 remix. Worse then LA Takedown, not as good as the other too. Follows a similar formula to the previous songs but it’s a little more bland. Nice opening, kind of choppy but again, not my cup of tea.

3061 is the final song of the day and for the first time doing on of these review (yeah, like it’s been a million), I’m a little disappointed. Le Galaxie are a very, very good band. I’m not a major dance fan. I like The Prodigy, The Happy Mondays, New Order, Marshall Jefferson and some garage but not a whole lot else and sadly, 3061 is more of a phase out song rather than an actual track. Still after two brilliant songs, one okish one and one that I wont be rushing out to buy, Tickets There is finally happy to say we (as in I) fully recommend Le Galaxie. They may not be the most novel or unique act (Chemical brothers anyone?) but their good at what they do and that’s even becoming rare these days.

Catch them in Whelan’s on February 25th.

And visit them on MySpace:


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