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Review: KISS – Live @ Wembley Arena, London (May 12th, 2010)

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Makeup on, leather jacket and studded gloves check, hair up, pints down, KISS has arrived in London and so has Tickets There. Wembley Arena may not be the most impressive building on the planet but when several thousand KISS fans descend, it (like all venues that host the legendary American thunder Gods) turns into the Taj Mahal.

Less than a week after their spectacular show in Dublin’s O2 Arena, KISS are in London to play the first of two nights in North London’s premier hard rock venue and there was no way in hell Tickets There was missing it. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for the support band Taking Dawn, who we managed to miss for the second time in a row. No worries though, the band everyone’s here to see are in the building and everything’s set to make this one hell of a memorable night.

Having seen KISS twice before and going though the ritual marathon Alive I-IV session in the days building up the shows, we thought we were prepared to finally get a grasp on the band and see them as four individuals in makeup playing a rock show like any other. Wrong as usual but happy to admit it. The minute you hear the ‘You Wanted the Best’ Intro, everything goes out the window. KISS’s arrival on stage feels like the second coming as Gene, Paul and Tommy appear on a lifter high above the Eric’s drum kit belting out Modern Day Delilah like they would any of their classics. Knowing some of the crowd may be uneasy with a newer number, Paul instantly calms all woes with a blistering assault on Cold Gin and no-one is left in any doubt about the power this band still commands after almost four decades in the business.

From there, the night becomes a blur of musicianship, showmanship and all out glitz, glory with the best stage show on the planet. Classics such as Deuce, Firehouse, Crazy Nights, 100,000 Years, Calling Doctor Love, Shock Me and Let Me Go Rock N Roll build the main set. On its own, a fine collection of KISS’s back catalog but topped with the additional live fire breathing, rocket firing guitars, stage risers and a bazooka, they instantly become everyone’s wet dreams.

If they left it there, fans would walk home happy. KISS doesn’t want you to be happy, they want to send you home to blinded by their power and, they do just that. All the stops are pulled out for the closing songs. Gene’s classic blood spitting, stage flying bass solo leads into a booming version of I Love It Loud from the top of the lightening rig, Paul and Tommy’s guitars set the stage ablaze with the definitive Love Gun, that see’s the entire arena mass together in their love for these iconic characters, The incredible Black Diamond and Destroyer classic, Detroit Rock City and its massive cluster of explosions and fire close the main set, setting KISS up as 2010’s conquering heroes. But they ain’t finished yet!

As if it all wasn’t enough, KISS turn up the heat and everything else with a five song encore that includes sing along favorites, Lick It Up, Shout It Out Loud, I Was made for Loving You (sang by Paul from his revolving stage in the middle of the crowd), God Gave You Rock N Roll II and the monumental, career defining Rock And Roll All Night. House lights on, a never ending mass of confetti filling the arena’s enormous space and America’s greatest rock n roll band performing one of the greatest rock songs of all time to a packed house of adoring fans! Is there any way to beat that for a closing moment? Not a chance!

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Review: KISS – Live @ The O2 Arena, Dublin (Point, ahem) (May 7th, 2010)

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You may have been wondering why, after all the fuss, the posts, the reminders and constant exclamations of excitment about KISS’s first Irish show we never followed through with the actual review. Well it;s simple, we went to see KISS in London.

Now that all the fire works and fuss is over, we’ve finally gotten round to putting pen to paper but instead of wasting the review here, we’ve given it to the good folks at Golden Plec. Check it Out!

Lights, Pyro’s, moving stage sets, explosions, blood spitting, fire breathing, flying rock stars, Tommy Thayer, Eric Singer, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and thirty seven years of classics from Americas greatest rock n roll band. KISS have finally arrived in Dublin to play their very first Irish show and give the emerald Isle branch of the KISS army a night they’ll never forget.

Describing the excitement and anticipation before a KISS show is almost as difficult as describing the magic of the performance itself. Most Irish KISS fans have only ever seen the band in pictures and on film, but those mediums only catch a glimpse of the power, the energy and show stopping, jaw dropping charisma and mesmerizing presence the band hold on stage. In reality, KISS holds a power over their fans almost unlike any other. Fictionally, they present themselves as larger than life superheroes, capable of catapulting you into another dimension of pleasure and rock n roll and in reality, they do just that.

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Oh, and yes we did the make-up 🙂

KISS – 3 Hours and Counting

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KISS, The O2 Dublin – 1 Day and Counting

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One more day folks, that’s all we have to wait through before experiencing rock n roll’s finest live offspring. There’s gig and then there’s KISS. Anyone who has money, lives close to Dublin and hasn’t bought a ticket seriously needs to re-examine their lives and ask themselves so fairly invasive questions.

As if the storm wasn’t building enough, KISS have been chosen as Golden Plec’s Gig of the Week!!

Get your ticket, it’s not too late and see something very special hit Dublin tomorrow night. Dublin Rock City too much of a cliché?? Yes, that’s why KISS say Detroit 😉

KISS This Friday, May 7th – O2 Arena Dublin

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In what world is a KISS show not sold out two days before it’s due to happen?? Ireland, that’s where. We try our best to prove we’re not slow minded like the rest of the world wants to suggest but we keep shooting ourselves in the foot. Folks, Tickets There is here to help save our national dignity and encourage you all to attend this show, experience the greatest live band that’s ever existed and for once in yer recession dominated lives, enjoy yourselves.

KISS, The O2 Dublin – 2 Days and Counting

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It’s getting closer folks, the hottest band in the world are only 2 days away from what we believe is their very first show on Irish soil. That’s right, they mighty KISS have stormed their way through the opening shows of their European tour and Ireland is in for a treat as the band have brought an all new stage show an all greatest hits set-list and a hell-of-alot of pyro!!!

Here’s a taste of things to come from

You may even get to meet Tickets There 🙂

Deadline Approaching

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There is one simple rule in life, You have to see KISS Live!.

To comply with this rule, simply click on the link below and purchase a very reasonably priced (€49.50) ticket for the greatest rock show you’ll ever see. Nothing compares to KISS!!

KISS @ O2 Arena – May 7th

Click Here for

For more information, MCD’s Official blurb about the show.

KISS – Dublin O2, May 7th 2010

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Have you got your ticket yet? Why not, are you mental?


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Tickets There wanted to avoid reporting this story for personal reasons (we wanted to be first to get em – Ed) but we have to put our outstanding professional reputation ahead of our own bitter resentments and bring you folks…some of the news.

KISS have announced a four new shows for their May 2010 UK/Ireland tour. In addition to the existing dates, the band will now play a second show at Wembley Arena as well as new dates in Sheffield, Newcastle and Liverpool. Birmingham fans are advised that the previously schedule show on the 11th has now been moved to the 5th.

The full dates for the bands UK / Ireland Tour can be seen below (Don’t touch London, we missed them the first time – Ed)



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God Save KISS!

KISS Announce Dublin Show / European Tour

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I’m speechless. Yesterday I found out that Tickets There’s all time favorite live band are playing their very first (I think) show in Dublin’s O2 Arena. KISS are undeniably the greatest live phenomenon touring under the good time rock n roll banner these days and despite hard efforts from AC/DC, Def Leppard, Whitesnake and Journey last year, TT feels that KISS are going to send all those bands packing as a distant memory.

Now, normally I would have been blogging something like this before I’d finished reading the story but I’ve lost all interest in Tickets There. Won’t go into the reasons why because this is KISS’s time so here’s the details.

KISS, the world’s greatest live band are coming to Europe next year as part of their tour for their latest album, Sonic Boom. They’re currently in the middle of the US leg and the band have promised that the European shows will have a new stage, new costumes, new set list and new everything…except the classics. The tour kicks off in Dublin on the 7th of May and the group will spend over two months playing some of Europe’s biggest arenas and festivals. More dates are expected to be added soon. Please find the current list below.

Tickets for Dublin, O2 Arena are priced 49.50 and they’re on sale this Friday (Nov. 27th)

May 7 Dublin Ireland O2 Arena Nov. 27
May 9 Glasgow UK SE+CC Nov. 27
May 10 Manchester UK Manchester Arena Nov. 27
May 11 Birmingham UK LG Arena Nov. 27
May 13 London UK Wembley Arena Nov. 27
May 16 Zurich Switzerland Hallenstadion Nov. 27
May 17 Geneva Switzerland Geneva Arena Nov. 27
May 18 Milan Italy Mediolanum Forum Nov. 27
May 20 Vienna Austria Stadhalle Nov. 27
May 21 Ostrava Czech Republic Cez Arena Nov. 27
May 23 Prague Czech Republic O2 Arena Nov. 27
May 26 Berlin Germany O2 World Nov. 27
May 27 Leipzig Germany Leipzig Arena Nov. 27
May 29 Bratislava Slovakia Bratislava Stadium Nov. 27
May 31 Hamburg Germany Colorline Arena Nov. 27
June 1 Oberhausen Germany Koenig Pilsner Arena Nov. 27
June 8 Trondheim Norway Lerkandal Open Site Nov. 27
June 10 Tampere Finland Sauna Rock Nov. 27
June 12 Stockholm Sweden Stockholm Stadium Nov. 27
June 13 Malmo Sweden Malmo Stadium Nov. 27
June 14 Oslo Norway Valhall Nov. 27
June 16 Aalborg Denmark Gigantium Nov. 30
June 18 Arnhem Holland Gelredome Nov. 27
June 20 Clisson France Hellfest Nov. 27
June 22 Madrid Spain Palacio de los Deportes Nov. 27
June 25 Vitoria Spain Azkena Rock Festival Nov. 27
June 27 Festival Belgium Graspop Nov. 27