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MySpace Review – Land Lovers

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Ye can all thank / blame Land Lovers for our 400th sudden stop in updates last week. We found the Dublin band while we were pile driving through some home-grown talent MySpace’s and were brought to a grinding halt after one go of their player. At first ‘Children / Pop / Showtunes’ seemed like something we were going to really regret giving the time to but after several million spins over the last week, we’re ready to share them with ye all.

We’ve never seen them or heard their album…yet!

The Cinema Bell sounds exactly like we were expecting. Clappy, silly keyboards and poppy noises but we stayed and ‘struggled on’ because the vocals are strong and the song is nice and catchy. Multiple spins has brought it closer to us but we’re still standing there with a wee stick between us so that style never becomes too comfortable. Immovable Feast is the one that really threw is. Total change in styles and a feeling of instant maturity to the writing, very strong with an excellent flow.

Paddy Works The Maglev follows the same style Immovable Feet but includes a more Irish traditional style of structure meaning any of ye out there that enjoy the start / stop style of the verse may like trad one day. A nice song that discusses present day Ireland but manages to avoid the clichés and awful comedy pitfalls that many others are throwing out at the moment. Possibly our favourite of the bunch.

No. 1 Communiqué changes the style again and gives the band a much darker tone. Not a whole pile to writer here. Lyrics are darker, music is darker and there’s a great mix of styles but the overall delivery is pretty unique to Land Lovers. Is that amateur-music speech jargon? We think so. Don’t really want to write this review while listening so just go and visit their MySpace and enjoy. You won’t regret it, honest!


MySpace Review – Dirty 9s

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Ah, it’s late in the day and Tickets There is frustrated. We’ve wanted to do another review since finding the excellent Floyd Soul and the Wolf yesterday and uncover another of Irelands…..relatively unknown…ah no, ye lot know all these acts already. Tickets There doesn’t because here at TTHQ, we don’t believe in radio’s are television. Especially not when shows like the X-Factor are on (fucking pricks . just stop watching that shit or they’ll keep fucking making it!)

Dublin band, Dirty 9s caught our attention (goodish name) and Indie / Rock always deserves a check. Don’t know a thing about this band so without further ado let the review begin.

We’ve never seen the band live or heard their record.

I’m getting sick of this sample shit on loads of bands MySpace these days. Normally TT would pass them over but luckily (maybe not) for them there’s a video of first song Lucy Opus. Hmm, Brian Melko, no make-up  singing any one of the pop / rock track out there. About as Irish as the union jack and about as interesting as this review’s gonna be. Catchy in the same way that Snow Patrol is catchy. Like, just because it’s stuck in your head doesn’t mean it’s good, it sometimes means that you heard a really annoying song and you can’t shake it off. They can write, they can play but there’s no imagination here and it may as well have been written by any other pop rock band.

Look to the Left is up next. Another clean living, blandish kind of song. Actually, I’m being far too hard. These guys are much better than most of the crap out there. They just ain’t Tickets There’s thing. The singer sounds very like Cormac Battle on this one and he’s quite a good singer but the music ya know? It’s just on and unmoving-ish. Any band with two guitar players should be able to up the Balls dosage of these tracks but they don’t, much to our disappointment. At least they’re better than that Fight Like Apes, Chongo Pop, Kill Krinkle Club, Grand Pocket Orchestra horse-shit!! (God, we love bashing those bands so much!)

Weeknight Lovers sounds closer to an old JJ72 song, especially with yer mans (voice all high pitched and sounding cleaner than a bar of soap. Quite a nice song actually. Very simple, quiet and atmospheric. Tickets There likes this one.

Well, final opinion. You could do alot worse but we just feel there is enough Snow Patrols in the world without encouraging more. Weeknight Lovers is a very good song and deserves to be heard so for that reason alone, we’re giving the link. Go check them out and make yer own minds up.

It’s not rock or indie though, it’s pop and singer / songwriter