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Beady Eye Announce Debut Album Details

Posted in Music, News with tags , , , , on December 8, 2010 by Tickets There

After the success of their first single Bring the Light, all eyes are now focused on the release of Liam Gallagher’s post-Oasis band Beady Eye’s debut Long player. Titled Different Gear, Still Speeding the album is set to hit shelves on February 28th next year and will feature 13 songs from the band. Full track listening can be viewed below. Take that Noel (only jostling ya)


1.”Four Letter Word”
3.”The Roller”
4.”Beatles and Stones”
5.”Wind Up Dream”
6.”Bring the Light”
7.”For Anyone”
8.”Kill for a Dream”
9.”Standing on the Edge of the Noise”
11.”Three Ring Circus”
12.”The Beat Goes On”
13.”The Morning Son”

The special edition will feature the following bonus material on a separate disc,

1.”RAK Them Out – Documentary”
2.”Bring The Light – Video”
3.”Four Letter Word – Video”
4.”Sons Of The Stage – Video”


Beady Eye – Bring The Light (Single Review)

Posted in Music, Single Review with tags , , , on November 10, 2010 by Tickets There

It’s excellent, no fooling! Laim Gallagher’s post-Oasis band Beady Eye have released their debut single, Bring The Light and it’s a perfect mix of classic guitar pop, sexy sixties dance vigor and that never-say-die rock n roll attitude we all secretly love about Liam.

Rather than the expected Beatles / Oasis rip off we all thought he was going to churn out, Liam has released a genuinely fun, thundering Piano / guitar driven masterpiece of song writing. It’s simple, it’s short and it’ll rock the ‘expletive’ socks off you. If we still had vinyl juke boxes in our diners, Bring The Light would be the song Danny Zuko would stick on. Now, let’s see what further treats their album has in store!

Check it out for yourself now @

Beady Eye: Download Debut Single From Tomorrow

Posted in Music, News with tags , , , on November 9, 2010 by Tickets There

From the site that never brought you Oasis, we decided this had to go out. The moment has arrived when the world will finally know the answer to that age old question, “how long would Liam Gallagher survive without Noel to help him along?”. The infamous hell raising Mancunian and his new band Beady Eye are set to release the first single, ‘Bring The Light’ from their forthcoming debut album tomorrow and fans only have to visit the groups official site for a free download.

Tickets There will be watching this with a grin. In many ways we’re hoping Liam comes out with a cracking piece of music. Not like Noel has exactly been prolific as a songwriter since the mid nineties so let’s hear what Liam can do. If he fails, he just lives up to expectations and that won’t be anywhere near as fun.

Good luck lads, TT’s rooting for ye!