Beady Eye: Download Debut Single From Tomorrow

From the site that never brought you Oasis, we decided this had to go out. The moment has arrived when the world will finally know the answer to that age old question, “how long would Liam Gallagher survive without Noel to help him along?”. The infamous hell raising Mancunian and his new band Beady Eye are set to release the first single, ‘Bring The Light’ from their forthcoming debut album tomorrow and fans only have to visit the groups official site for a free download.

Tickets There will be watching this with a grin. In many ways we’re hoping Liam comes out with a cracking piece of music. Not like Noel has exactly been prolific as a songwriter since the mid nineties so let’s hear what Liam can do. If he fails, he just lives up to expectations and that won’t be anywhere near as fun.

Good luck lads, TT’s rooting for ye!


One Response to “Beady Eye: Download Debut Single From Tomorrow”

  1. toni johnson Says:

    Liam Gallagher could sing the telephone book and make it a hit!

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