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Going to The Academy soon? Something you should see

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1960 / 2013 – The Adelphi ‘Then and Now’

I had the privilege of attending three shows at The Academy over the past month (I say privilege because deadly bouncers, nice bar staff and great crowds always make it a pleasure to visit) and that always leads to one thing for Tickets There – wistful smoke breaks that generally devolve into drunken lectures as the night lingers on. Why? Well it’s all technically because of a garage across the street… yup.


Picture of Mick Jagger on stage at the Adelphi in 1965

Across from the Academy is the large beige façade of Arnotts car park. A looming, dull wall with a rectangle cut out on the ground level. Not noticeable, not notable and not something younger generations of gig goers would bother passing much heed of. But for those born after the 80’s (I’m not referring to myself there I’m afraid) or to those not from Dublin, there’s something a little more special about that car park than you might realize. Before Arnotts moved in, that garage used to be the Adelphi Cinema, the original iconic live music venue in Dublin.


A ticket stub from The Beatles 1963 Dublin show

Now I’m not going to head into some rant about the amazing acts that played there, the travesty that it was pulled down and so on; I’ll leave that to The Guardian. But many, many influential artists played very high profile shows at the height of their careers in the Adelphi. Johnny Cash, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones are just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to this famous car park. The Beatles played their only show ever in The Republic at the Adelphi. Bob Dylan brought his infamous 1966 world tour to the theatre. It was the portal for the introduction of live rock ‘n’ roll to strict, Christian Ireland.


Back Cover of the Bob Dylan, ‘Live At The Adelphi’ Bootleg

Fortunately, for those of you who wouldn’t be arsed paying money to see it as a museum (because really, staring at an empty stage is fun and all), the outside of the building is still very recognizable when compared to its 1960’s self (pretty decent of Arnotts to keep it recognizable in fairness). So if you’re at the Academy, pop out and have a look. It’s not important, it’s not very relevant any more really – but it’s kind of cool. Standing outside a purpose built live venue, you can see the roots of live pop/rock music in Dublin and see how far things have come… well, The Academy is nothing like a car park, but you get the picture. For those of you that didn’t I’ve included some.

The Adelphi (1939 – 1995)

Notable Shows at The Adelphi Theatre

Gardaí hold the crowd back at the top of Middle Abbey St. (The Beatles, 1963)

Then and Now: Gardaí hold the crowd back at the top of Middle Abbey St. (The Beatles, 1963)

NOV 7th 1963 – The Beatles (All manner of destruction and chaos followed the Beatles when they arrived on Abbey St. to play their one and only show on Republic soil. Cars were overturned and set alight, arrests were made, chaos reigned supreme! – and I thought this was a harmless Catholic country. That’s the Devil’s music for you. Wouldn’t catch Beatles’ fans carrying on like that these days. Check out the video below of the Beatles in Ireland for their only ever Republic show.).

JAN 7th 1965 – The Rolling Stones (2 Shows)

SEP 3rd 1965 – The Rolling Stones (2 Shows – The Stone’s last performances in Ireland before their 1982 headline slot at SLANE. The shows were featured in Charlie Is My Darling, a film focused on the Stones second two day tour of Ireland in 1965).

Bob Dylan onstage @ The Adelphi, 1966

Bob Dylan onstage @ The Adelphi, 1966

MAY 5th 1966 – Bob Dylan (Bootlegs can be obtained. Apparently the crowd became rowdy during the electric part of the set – however it’s been noted that recordings that ‘prove’ this actually came from Dylan’s show in Belfast the following night.)

May 17th 1966 – Johnny Cash

May 2nd 1967 – The Beach Boys (2 Shows – The Beach Boys first show at the Dublin Adelphi was a disaster, Carl Wilson was still half way across the Atlantic.So there was only 25% of The Beach Boys for their first performance in the Ireland. This was only made worse when Bruce Johnston attempted to fill out their programme by attempting to sing ‘God Only Knows’, ( Carl Wilson’s song ) and didn’t know the words .. ! The evening performance was slightly better. Carl Wilson had been rushed through Irish customs, got to the Adelphi, picked up a guitar and shot onto the stage for half of their performance. Now they were something more like 50% of The Beach Boys … ! – READ SOURCE HERE)

May 28th 1969 – Fleetwood Mac

Other artists who played the Adelphi over the years include Igor Stravinsky, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Cilla Black, Marlene Dietrich, Louis Armstrong, Diana Ross, Helen Shapiro, Roy Orbison, Ella Fitzgerald, Cliff Richard, Dusty Springfield, The Dubliners, Tom Jones, The Ronettes and more.

Bob Dylan – ‘ Just Like A Woman’ Filmed @ The Adelphi



Arthur’s Day: Good drink, Shit Noise!

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Anyone else in the pub last night at 17:59 for a toast to Arthur Guinness? Tickets There was but regrettably, there wasn’t a huge crew out. Ah well, quiet nights happen and when there’s free Guinness going around, a small crowd wont complain about having to fill the void 😉

What the hell was with the TV celebrations though? Every time I looked at what was going on it couldn’t have looked any dryer! All I saw was English and Welsh people over here playing to crowds who couldn’t have looked less enthusiastic. The Blizzards (in Vicar Street I Think) were so fucking terrible I could get over it. I suddenly felt an urge to rip up that post about no doing any more negative MySpace Reviews. Although, compared to Jamie Cullen, David Gray, The Enemy, that fucking presenter in Whelan’s asking every fucking band about “seeing the Whites in peoples eyes”, that knob end Ronan Keating looking like a   …I don’t know what, some sort of beautified Emo. I’m pretty sure Tom Jones and Cat Deeley’s legs were the only saving grace of the whole evening.

Now I know this blog has a name for being negative but my thoughts about the coverage were shared by every single other person in the pub. As the Blizzards played I told one of the lads about the review I gave them and his comment was “Why were you so nice”. So fuck this. Those shitty, arse hole bands aren’t music. This country and primarily Dublin (because there’s enough students and scene queens around) is doing it’s best to create a vibrant music scene and cultural paradise when there’s fuck all substance to back it up.

The singer / song writer scene is dead, the emo/rockish/pop/punk music that most of the bands play is terrible. Half these aren’t musicians and a lot of them don’t have any talent. They’re sucking people in because they look the part, but they don’t fucking sound it. I have zero respect or appreciation for the music scene in Dublin. It’s swamped by a never ending parade of kids with no talent and so called bands with absolutely no musical talent, originality or character and they pawn of half written disasters with quirky noises and philosophical story lines (involing when they used to love transformers on a Saturday and the simple joys of a grilled Mars bar) under the guise of music. Its all explained off course by artist license and let’s all get along and enjoy it. Well that would be fine off course expect now there seems to be more of them than ever and I’m not sure if anyone’s noticed, but anytime they play an actual venue, the crowd is half full at fucking best! Anyone wonder why that is huh?

I remember last year heading along to Ham Sandwich who were one of the biggest underground bands on the go and the Village was a third full. Same thing when I say Director and they were the biggest crowd….for those bands. Interest in these groups seems to last as long as their songs. Anyone know why groups like The Beatles, U2, The Rolling Stones, Guns N Roses, Abba and every other major band still pack a crowd and get played in every pub almost every night while these newer groups (some of which have been in the go for up to ten years) still cant crack the mainstream, play a sold out show in the own country (in a venue that holds more than thirty people) or even get on a real radio station for more than one single??? It’s because they’re crap. They’re not music, they’re just shit. The songs aren’t songs, they’re college kids/unemployed talentless people doing their very best to destroy any chance for real bands and really talented people to ever make it through to the main stream. If they can’t learn a guitar, they all of sudden become a photographer or a DJ (or a music writer – Ed). Anyone else ever notice how many photographers there are in Dublin these days? And they all photograph the same fucking things over and over and over again, always trying to make it more deep by doing it in black and white. Or this visuals lot haha, oh sweet lord!

Hopefully one day kids will cop on and if they really love music the way they bullshit then hopefully they’ll stop endorsing groups like ‘The Blizzards’ and give their time to a real band. And stop fucking downloading, these groups do actually need money to survive and continue to make records.

Anyways, that’s enough of a Friday morning rant. Arthur’s day celebrations were shit but the Guinness, the Guinness is still king!