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MySpace Review – The Revellions

Posted in IRISH NOISE!, Music, MySpace Review with tags , , , , , , on July 3, 2010 by Tickets There

Not sure if this is our third or fourth attempt to get this bands review finished but no matter what computer we try, their MySpace page brings IE and Firefox to a near freeze. Very frustrating when you only have 30 minutes to do a review! There’s one saving grace though, the band sound wicked cool.

As usual we’ve never seen them live or heard their album.

Ain’t No Love kicks things off and its psychedelic sixties organ driven rock delivered with punk brutality. It’s busy, forceful and changes constantly leaving no spare room, no let up and nothing to flaw. Really good and well worth the 10 minutes it takes to get the f**ker loaded up.

Have It All comes on next and it’s more of a desperado styled sixties piece. The vocals are just as dirty as before, the music’s just as interactive despite a far more sublimed style. Tickets There is quite happy to be sold on the believability of the tracks alone. It’s not an Irish style and not something we’re massively good at it but The Revellions seems to have nailed it.

All The Lights (From the BBC Sessions) sounds like something straight from a Tarantino soundtrack. It’s got attitude, swagger and once again it’s delivered in that crisp cool desperado sound we all love. Well, we love it, that’s why Guns N’ Roses are so high on our list?

Second on the player, fourth in line – the irresistibly catchy Down On Your Luck comes along to blow the quiet desperado style out the window with some forceful, excellently delivered rock n roll. Some fantastic guitar and bass interaction, particularly towards the end when they spiral off together. Great number, top of the list so far.

Not The Attraction sees the band finally getting close to the ‘Garage Band’ tag they’ve labeled themselves with. Possibly one of the scariest, strangest songs we’ve heard while doing these reviews. Clusters of intense, over volumed noise compiled of pounding drums, looped and layered screaming vocals and dirtiness not seen since eighties LA. Completely chaotic, totally nonsensical yet strangely appealing.

Not totally sure if Walking Away is the final track due to the half frozen screen. Can barley move the damn thing but we’re gonna call it quits, too much messing around. Thankfully the guys don’t let us leave on a low note as Walking Away turns out to be a thumping little punky rock number. Not a massive leap in styles from the other tunes but instead, a perfect delivery of a sound these guys are brilliant and writing.

Yet another album Tickets There will be purchasing in the near future. Well worth heading over to their MySpace and sticking out the loading issues for a few spins.