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MySpace Review – Zealots

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God what a week. Fucking computer crashed last Thursday and two feature articles Tickets There was hoping to complete soon are gone, totally gone so fans of the Illegal Downloading argument and the Future Kings of Spain will have to wait. Check yourself bitches!! Ya see, what we got here is failure to build computers so they don’t continually fuck up every five fucking seconds. Tickets There doesn’t like it anymore than you (any Cool Hand Luke fans out there? That one’s for you, Buy me a pint!)

Anyway, enough totally unrelated B.S., let’s move on. I’m still going through the bands from the HWCH and there’s so many I just can’t sit though. The Dying Seconds, We Cut Corners, Subplots, O Emperor and so many others are just too hard to take today. The Zealots though, they ain’t too bad. They’re from Dublin, their first EP just come out and to top it all off, the illustrious Tickets There, semi-part time champions of the Irish Underground are about the bestow the grand honor of a MySpace Review to their repertoire…of reviews, not songs obviously.

As usual….you face…..and we’ve never seem em, never heard em.

Since this is one of the HWCH bands, I’m not using their MySpace so please don’t sue for the hideous false advertising. Instead I’m using their profile at Breaking Tune (link at the bottom). First track, Contrition gets things under way. I’m on my second go of this one and I definitely like it. Really atmospheric, the music is spot on. I have a hung over head and it’s not hurting it, always a good sign. I like the vocals, I like the building, I like the guitars, the drums and the changes. Towards the end it gets a little more obvious indie but it’s still a good un. Ten points (we don’t give points here at Tickets There, let’s be clear about that – Ed.).

Chalk Outlines is second and it’s a got a little more beat in its keister. The songs good a good, dark vibrant sound running through it. Haunting harmonies in the distance, vocals notched up on demand without anything really changing. Gets a little repetitive and ever so slightly begins to drag on but fuck it, Tickets There is in a good, l grand, over the moon mood today. Eighty points!! Exitbag, the third song has a very silly title. Not as entertaining as the others. Little heavier and less based around atmospheric periods of silence built around low volume guitar melodies and Joy Division-esque drums. Not bad but not our favorite. Forty points.

Final song, The Glitch sounds little more radio friendly. Has that Killers, Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand kind of choppy, indie riff dominating it. Way too dragged out, way too empty and just not a great effort. Bit more work and a few additions could see this become a great song but at present it ain’t.

Overall, not a bad lot. First two songs were poifect. Other two not so much. Worth checking out for any dark souled dance folks or fans of The Cardigans.

Check out their Breaking Tune Profile by Clicking Here

Check out there MySpace by Clicking Here (Bitches!!)