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Posted in Music, MySpace Review with tags , on June 3, 2009 by Tickets There


After reminiscing with A Lazarus Soul earlier, I decided to check out fellow 80’s/early 90’s Madchester / Brit pop sound-alike’s, The Brothers Movement. Like ALS, I saw TBM by accident during the IMRO showcase week. They had only been a band a few months when they played the show but their set was tight and boosted incredible visuals. Not incredible enough to suck Tickets There in but good enough to pop back into my mind from time to time.
I don’t think they have an album and I was drunk when I saw them live.

Opening song Blind is nice. It’s late, it’s Saturday, I’m sitting on my couch chillaxing and this song is perfect. I’ll use one of my ‘imagine’ lines to sum it up. Liam Gallagher singing a song written by Noel and being preformed by The Stone Roses. Vocals are confident, music is perfect, harmonies are lovely. Deadly!

Nothing Means Anything comes along sounding a little like an opening to a Jape song. Before the classic Brit sound comes back with a slicing but slow guitar build. There seems to be a little U2 thrown in, but it’s more stonney than them. The song could be best described as gentle. Not as strong as Blind but okish.

A live recording of Leave Your Body Behind is up next and instantly packs more of a punch than the previous songs. Beating drums and guitars build and build as other instruments start to tap in. The song breaks into a lunging 60’s-esque electric guitar driven jam for over a minute before Neil Paxton’s vocals tear in. Similar to Joy Division’s Digital or Turn’s Never Needed. Excellent song, has my head sinning anyways.

Sometimes brigs an enthralling selection of songs to a close. Hippyish, acoustic bluesy song that doesn’t really do a whole pile, especially after the mad driven rock of Leaving Your Body Behind. Gets stronger as it goes on though and turns into a good candidate for a live favourite…. and I suddenly have an urge to listen to The Doors.

Great band, looking forward to seeing them again soon, but this time on purpose.

Check out their MySpace Below