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IRISH NOISE! – Kowalski (Breaking Tunes Review)

Posted in IRISH NOISE!, Music with tags , , , , , , on November 25, 2010 by Tickets There

Tickets There is currently in the middle of one of these music review shifts. No longer interested in solely reporting the exploits of our chosen favs or 100% metal, we’ve decided to shift back to indie and see how things are in the world of polite calmness, heavy guitars, geek cloths and neck scarf’s. Turns out, things aren’t too bad, not with Belfast heads, Kowalski hammering their ever so nice and likable Thrillswith-balls sound into our heads all morning.

Their Breaking Tunes may not be overburden with tracks but the three the band has provided are a lovely introduction and sign of their song writing scope. Opening with the dance driven Little House, this is where we pull the Thrills reference from but it’s oddly likable. Very polished and well recorded. nice build throughout and some great changes. Nothing wrong here, moving on.

Seesaw is the one that really grabbed us, the guitars in the song are so un-expectedly full on. You can take the boy out of metal (but you can’t shut the fucker up from writing cheesy ass shitEd). Starts off a little more basic band than Little House and even manages to get a couple of verses and chorus of friendly, ‘lets go for a walk’ niceness before it turns out they’ve been lying! These guys kick ass on this second chorus. Very simple, spacious and mixed with the harmonies make this track a seriously good song.

Final song Sunshine State has a lovely feel to it. Again spacious and the lads pull on that unmentionable Irish band’s grandness in their songs but, if you got to learn from someone, might as well be the ‘best’ ahem. Good chorus, sticks in your head.

Well, that’s Kowalski. TT is happy to say we recommend and for all you gig starved Dublin residents, here’s a treat. They’re playing The Workman’s Club in a few hours for the SquareD Management Launch Party. Tickets are only €5.00

Check them out for yourself @ Breaking Tunes