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Sounds of System Breakdown – Sounds of System Breakdown (Album Review)

Posted in Album Review, IRISH NOISE!, Music with tags , , , on March 3, 2010 by Tickets There

The day has finally arrived, Tickets There has gone out and bought some music from those MySpace bands we keep preaching to ye about. A refreshing trip to Tower Records on Sunday replenished our supplies and we can finally knock off the net for awhile, sit back and listen to a good old fashioned CD.

Originally we were convinced we’d be disappointed. Was pretty sure we were euphoric, found these guys and praised them to the heavens while pulsed. Couldn’t remember any of the tracks and hadn’t even reread the review to make sure we really were ecstatic about them at some point. After one spin we knew our toutin’ money was well invested.

Filled with techno Trojan dance beats, indie power riffs, post punk and the occasional moment of surprisingly un-cheesy melodies, the album is a triumph. As debuts go, Sound of System Breakdown have avoided falling into any of the common Irish debut traps. They don’t open with the best, they don’t lose their intensity and they sound damn good.

Songs like the Devil’s Son, 10 Pack of Johnny Blue, Electrolysis and Mood Enhancers and the obligatory instrumental, Jaysyehhaventacluedoyeh are hits in every sense while harder album tracks like The Band Played, the Stone Roses-esque – The Secret’s Out and Underneath The Floorboards will keep you listening long after the catchier ones wear off.

At €14, you can’t really beat it for Value. If you’re in tower, pick this up and if you don’t like it, we guarantee you don’t have to take our recommendations in the future.