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Sweet Jane – Sugar For My Soul (Album Review)

Posted in Album Review, IRISH NOISE!, Music with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on November 2, 2010 by Tickets There

If you haven’t heard of Sweet Jane yet then we here at Tickets There think it’s about time you did. Fronted by former Mainline / The Brothers Movement guitarist Danda and the wonderful fully fledged fashion icon, Lydia Des Dolles the band have been racking up glorying reviews from around the country since the release of their debut album, Sugar For My Soul in July. On top of this, the band seems to be doubling their fan base every time they play a show, release a single or speak in public and word is still spreading. Praising reviews are also beginning to pour in from the States and Europe meaning we may soon lose them to the glamour, sunshine and fine wines so get on it!

Sugar for My Soul has been on heavy rotation in the Tickets There corporate offices for the best part of a month now and we’re still not sure how to describe it properly. Each song has its own individual appeal but all of them still retain the bands excellent echo filled, spacious psychedelic monopolized sound and firm beat driven foundation. Cleverly, the band has managed to deliver an array of different styles such as pop, rock, indie and guitar dance without compromising the records overall tone and impact. The stripped back, jam styled simple splendor of Close Your Eyes, Texas Tears, Don’t Hold Your Head So Low and Something for My Soul sit in perfect harmony with the heavier ‘on your feet’ pieces like Bleed, War Cry and Fade To My Heartbreak.

Without going too in-depth into the albums styles and diversity, it’s important to note that it’s just a very good, very appealing album. The band hasn’t attempted to replicate Pink Floyd style construction and have instead focused on writing very enjoyable pieces of music and made sure there’s something for everyone. Lydia’s softy delivered vocals mixed with Danda’s edgier harmonies and experimental guitar styles deliver the perfect package that can be enjoyed by all music fans. If you’re going to buy one Irish album this year (cheapskate!), make it Sweet Jane.