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Slash – Sahara / Paradise City (Single Review)

Posted in Music, News, Single Review with tags , , , , , , on November 11, 2009 by Tickets There


Tickets There knows full well we should not be reviewing this, so we’ll keep it brief. Let us tell you right now, we hate both of these songs (yes, even Paradise City. It’s not a classic anymore. Instead it’s become…well, let’s save that for a little further down).

Sahara, featuring Koshi Inaba from Japanese hard rock outfit, B’Z (who’ve actually had something like forty odd consecutive number one singles and sold 78 million albums in Japan alone!!) Is one of the worst songs Slash has ever been associated with. We say one of the worst but honestly, we can’t think of anything else as bad, as boring, as shit as this track that Slash has worked on. It’s sooo boring, it doesn’t have any trace of rock n roll about it and the whole thing just reeks of ‘Gimmie Mo Money bitches!!’. With this single, Slash has sold out almost every ounce of credibility the famous living room guitarist had left. There isn’t even that many guitar moments in the bloody song so what’s the fucking point!!

As for the B-Side!. For a man complaining and whining about being asked about Guns N Roses all the time, it’s a wonder he didn’t stop and think that a cover of Guns N Roses classic, Paradise City would stir a few more GNR relaxed questions and conversations into the mix. Then again, let’s be honest. Slash was a great guitar player in Guns N Roses when he had Izzy, Axl and Duff helping out with the song writing, the singing, the composing, the attitude, the balls to pull it off and the chemistry to make it all work. On his own, with this album and it’s 1,000 page list of ‘guest musicians’, he’s just lost the plot.

Actually, I take that back. The plot for this album all along has been ‘Cash In!’ and that’ll probably work. Unfortunately it might just push Slash out of the musical limelight only die-hards and X-Factor viewers hold him I now.

Tickets There says shite but doubtless enough there’ll be some twat complaining about how unique, special, warm hearted, diverse and spiritual these mockeries are. Let me tell you right now, Tickets There doesn’t want to hear it.

Oh and Koshi, Hard Rock singers aren’t meant to sound like a guy who just got kicked in the balls with steel toe boots. They’re meant to sound like the guy that kicked him. Ask Lemmy!