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MySpace Review – 21 Outs

Posted in IRISH NOISE!, Music, MySpace Review with tags , , , , , on October 30, 2009 by Tickets There


Friday baby, Tickets There’s favorite day of the week and more than enough reason to look for some kick F**king ass tunes to make the evening a little nicer. After causing a little ruckus in the Galway Hardcore scene with our Only Fumes and Corpses review, we decided it was time to revisit some of the music coming from Ireland’s fastest growing city and make it up to them. After a surprisingly short amount of time, I came across the 21 Outs and they blew me away. They’re still young and the recordings on their MySpace are rough but the songs are too good to pass up. So without further ado, hey ho!

As usual, I’ve never seen the band live or heard their record/EP.

First song One of Those is very close to a Future Kings of Spain kind of number. Very heavy indie style but louder. The recording of the demo doesn’t allow the song to really burst into life which is unfortunate but listening to the live recording gives you a much better idea of what this song will be like once it gets the proper attention. Lead singer Philip Cassidy has some powerful voice on him which is great to hear. A lot of bands playing music like this in Ireland today just lack those definitive vocals to really push the song through. Long Day Blues is a completely different vide. Great guitars, nice funky bass riffs and another side of Philips vocals. TT isn’t a massive Blues fan so we won’t start going into specifics but it’s a pretty sweet number and would be a good live number..

Now we get to the track that got me hooked. Wait For Nothing (Live) is a monster of a song. Full on guitars, full on drums (cowbell and all), full on rifffffage up the arse. But, the vocals are the true highlight here. There’s a lot of power in that voice and if it’s harnessed and trained properly you’ll hear some belters coming from this band before long. Get Rick Rubin (or an alternative, cheaper version), get into a studio and get this song down!

Difficult You is another live recording (demo is there too but let’s try this version). Verse is much laid back, slow paced with chilled out drums, odd leads here before they start belting away into full attack mode. The harmonies during the chorus let the side down a little but you get the idea of where they’re going with it and again, once it’s done in the studio it’ll be a savage track. Anonymous Slander changes the bands style once again. It’s another demo so the quality isn’t the best , especially since the tone of the song has a lot more grandeur than a lot of the bands material. The verse is a mix of back n forth pop with Kurt Cobain styled vocals passing the time before the guitars and drums come roaring back to show their stuff. Another one for the recommendation list.

Must We is one of the oldest songs on the site. The style again is totally different as the bad fuse the blues style from Long Day Blues with a sort of fifties kind of pop. One and a half minutes in, the guitars lose control and go another direction. “I have an opinion, that means I’m cool” – “I have an opinion how would you like to bend over and I’ll force it into you”….fitting. The Rant brings the bands heavier demons screaming back with a vengeance. Toned down guitars set top Heavy, piercing vocals, few slow moments, and a final solo that would melt the face of ya. Some seriously savage stuff there. Once again, TT is rushing to finish the words and get to the listening.

Highly, Highly, Highly recommended. Definitely one you’ll be hearing more about on Tickets There and one to watch for the future. Check out their MySpace (by Clicking Here) to hear more demo’s and other recordings. Also, you’ll enjoy the chat’s inbetween the live recordings 🙂