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Jape Win Meteor Choice Award….again!

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Tickets There extends a hearty congratulations to Richie Egan and the guys in Jape for winning the Choice Award for the second time. In 2008 the band scooped the prize for their incredible ‘Ritual’ album and now they’ve gotten it for the follow up,Ocean of Frequency’.

Jape are one of Ireland’s most exciting bands and Tickets There have been firm fans for a very long time. l’m delighted to see the award go to Richie and extend a congrats to all the other nominees who qualified for the award including the excellent And So I Watch You From Afar, Bell X1 and Lisa Hannigan who all put out excellent albums last year.

Seriously though Choice lads, he’s just a ‘man who plays the bass from Crumlin’!


JAPE – Ocean of Frequency (Album Review)

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Since picking up the Choice Award for their 2008 album, Ritual, Jape have seen a massive rise in their popularity both home and abroad. They’ve spent the last three years playing national and international tours as well as several high profile festival spots at Glastonbury, Electric Picnic and many more. Now the band is back with their fourth studio album, Ocean of Frequency and they’re in prime position to make the most of their celebrity as one of Ireland’s leading electro-pioneering pop groups and go all the way.

But do they want to?

Ocean of Frequency is the album Tickets There was anticipating a year ago when the band performed a mini-studio break show in the Button Factory. Sparse, quiet and extremely subdued in almost every way. All in all, a re-design of their classic tranquil sound with little or no attempts made to compete against live classics like ’I Was A Man’, ‘Strike Me Down’ and ‘Floating’ while at the same time it also lacks standout quieter moments like ‘At The Heart of all This Strangeness’, ‘Phil Lynott’ or ‘The Hardest Thing To Do’.

Oddly enough, Jape have chosen not include well received tasters ‘Hands of Fire’ and ‘Lying on a Deathbed’, which surfaced at the start of the summer or ‘The Worry Fades’ that was previewed last year and instead gone all out with a fresh spread for fans to enjoy. The new sound works well on tracks like ‘Please Don’t Turn the Record Off’, ’The Oldest Mind’ and ‘Too Many People’ – the albums opening tracks. However, as the record rolls on it becomes harder and harder to pull real excitement out of it and anyone hoping for a perfect musical assault, like that seen on Ritual, may be in for a let-down. Fans of the older sound will find a lot more to enjoy with songs like ‘You Make The Love’, ‘Scorpio’ and ‘Its Shadow Won’t Make Noise’ adding Jape’s signature writing style to the mix.

Ocean of Frequency is by no means an objectionable record, in fact it perfectly sits in line with the direction Jape initially started off on, but veered away from when Floating became such a hit. Unfortunately though, it lacks a definitive flag ship song to rally around, enjoy and sell it. The band has proven they can go all the way if they want but with Richie Egan’s tendency to keep all eyes focused on the music– maybe this is his way of reverting back to his roots and keep Jape the way he wants it, rather than let fans and popularity dictate the direction his creation should go in. At the end of the day, there’s no arguing with that.

Ocean of Frequency is due release on new label, music/is/for/losers on the 30th September. The official album launch will take place at The Button Factory on Saturday 1 October.

JAPE: Ocean of Frequency (10 Days and Counting)

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Another story we’re too far behind on. The excellent JAPE have announced details on their fourth studio album, Ocean of Frequency, with the release date planned for September 30th through music/is/for/losers. Artwork and track listing have been unveiled and you can now get a sneak peak of new track, ‘The Oldest Mind’ by listening below.

Judging by what we’ve heard so far, the album is going to be a fine piece of work and a very worthy follow up to 2008’s Ritual. We’ll keep you posted on any further developments and remember, you can catch Jape on tour across the country throughout September and October. Dates below,

Jape on Tour 2011
Sept 24th – Limerick, Dolans Warehouse
Sept 30th – Cork, Cyprus Avenue 

Oct. 1st  – Dublin, The Button Factory
Oct. 7th  – Mullingar, The Stables
Oct. 8th  – Galway, Roisin Dubh
Oct. 11th – Maynooth, N.U.I. Maynooth
Oct. 13th – Belfast, Spring & Airbrake
Oct. 15th – Letterkenny, An Grianan Theatre
Oct. 21st – Tralee, Club Head Bang Bang

Ocean of Frequency track-listing,

  1.        An Hallucination
  2.        Please Don’t Turn The Record Off
  3.        The Oldest Mind
  4.        Too Many People
  5.        One OF Those Days That Just Feels So Long
  6.        Borrowed Time With Peace
  7.        Scorpio
  8.        You Make The Love
  9.        Internal Machine
  10.        Its Shadow Won’t Make Noise
  11.           Na Niotancullah
  12.       Ocean Of Frequency

Jape – Hands of Fire / Lying on a Deathbed (Single Review)

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What ever your taste in music, there’s little to no chance you haven’t come across and enjoyed the mighty Jape over the past few years. Ever since the release of their second album, The Monkeys in the Zoo have More Fun Than Me in 2004, Jape’s appeal and presence on the Irish scene has been growing at a rapid rate. In 2009 the band won the Choice Music Prize for their third album, Ritual and now they’re back to do it all over again. Titled Ocean of Frequency, the group’s fourth album is due to come out in September but you don’t have to wait for new music as the band has just released the album’s first double A-side single.

Hands of Fire is a welcoming boost of energy from the band that does it better than anyone else. No first single from Richie Egan is going to have anything less than an upbeat, catchy as sin chorus, a perfect, striking bass line and an appealing ‘we should go raving’ quality. Lying on a Deathbed comes from the opposite end of the Jape spectrum. Gentle, busy but dreamlike and placid. Fine home grown lyrics with the occasional eye raising naughty thrown in from time to time. Overall, a perfect complement to Hands of Fire.

No denying it now, the return of Jape has begun. Prepare for show announcements and get ready for an album that’s promising to be one of the best we’ll hear this year. Listen to Hands of Fire / Lying on a Deathbed now @ Jape’s Official Soundcloud

JAPE Returns! New Single & Album Details Released

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All round musical genius Richie Egan is dusting off the Jape cloak, getting the band together and revving things up for the release of their fourth studio album. Last seen flogging his latest project, VisionAir, he’s now ready to release the follow up to 2008’s Choice Music Price-winning Ritual.

Titled Ocean of Frequency, the album is set to hit stores in September with a brand new double-A side single, titled Hands of Fire / Lying on a Deathbed hitting Irish airwaves on Friday, May 27th.

Tickets There would like to wish Richie and the lads the best of luck with the new record. We’re confident the boys have something exciting up their sleeves and we are looking forward to indulging in the fruits of their labours. Looking forward to some mighty-Jape in 2011!